MetaSL in 3ds Max 2011

Posted by Shane Griffith, 23 June 2010 7:00 pm

Zap Andersson, aka Master Zap... Mental Ray Wizard, Professor Zap, and all around bright guy, has recently put together a video demonstration to walk you through all the different aspects of MetaSL and the 3ds Max 2011 integration. In the video Zap covers the following topics:

  • MetaSL shading language, basic structure
  • mental mill versions and workflows
  • 3ds Max 2011 mental mill integration
  • Loading MetaSL shaders
  • Rendering MetaSL shaders with mental ray and the new Quicksilver render

Thank you Zap! This is a fantastic presentation.


Shane Griffith
Product Manager - 3ds Max & 3ds Max Design
Media and Entertainment Division
Autodesk, Inc



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Shane Griffith

Posted 24 June 2010 4:48 am

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