Ah the wonder of travel

Posted by Area Editor, 18 October 2006 12:58 am

So here I sit in my hotel in New York for a couple days. Just one stop out of many for the roadshow and all the other job related travel I have to do this fall. Most people fall into two camps when it comes to travel. Those who think it is some amazing/romantic/exciting adventure and anyone with a traveling job is very lucky. Then there are those that think any professional traveler is nuts and would rather have a home life. To be honest I think most people who travel a lot for work migrate between the two camps on a pretty regular basis.

When you are on your first trip to a new location like London, England things look mighty sweet. When you are on your 25th trip to London, Ontario I tend to be less then thrilled.(no offense to London Ontario, any city with that many blond rich university girls can't be that bad) When you just recieved an unexpected business class upgrade for your 6 hour flight to san fran your on cloud nine. When you get the middle seat in a packed 747 for your 22 hour flight to singapore slitting your own wrists seems preferable.

For me I actually like most of my time in the air. The part that sucks is the airports at either end. For any given international flight you will spend 2 to 3 hours in your starting airport and 1 to 2 hours in your destination airport. So for most flights within North america you will spend more time getting too and from airports, checking in, going through security, waiting in lines and sitting on the runnway then you ever will in the air. This only gets worse with every new and unusual security measure that gets inconsistenly applied in airports across north america. It once took me 11 hours to fly from montreal to toronto (normally a one hour flight or a 5 to 6 hour drive) 6 of those hours were spent sitting in the plane on runways. Now thats my idea of a good time. Its not all a lose, if you are lucky they will have some of those little cups of ice cream on board to bribe you into compliance.

All this to say that travel is quite fun but definitly not for the impatient. If you can't go with the flow or just relax when uncontrollable things go wrong don't get a job that requires lots of travel. After all the reality is that for most trips you see two airports, a view out a cab window, a few restaurants and your hotel. Generally you didn't get to do any real site seeing. You just do what you do every day at home in a different city. And if you think the hotels are all great check this out...

Don't think I'm complaining for even a second. I like travel and I like my job but I think most people would go crazy after a few years and one too many missed connections.


Dwayne D. Ellis

Posted 19 October 2006 1:32 pm


That is the most literal version of a hotel "ROOM" that i have seen. More like a storage closet for a bed and shower...at least it looks clean!!! Have fun buddy...it could be worse...you could be in Windsor, Ontario doing motor vehicle accident animations!!

Shane Griffith

Posted 19 October 2006 7:21 pm

ahhhh i love NYC hotels :-) i bet you can hear cabs honking and drunk chics laughing all night long with that nicely sealed window right by your head. good luck bud and see ya in chitwn in a couple days!

Dwayne D. Ellis

Posted 23 October 2006 3:31 pm


Check out the Benjamin. I stayed here last year and it was only $260 a night....and it was at least 2.5 time bigger then your luxury sweet there.


Service was great too....

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