But does it come with heated toilets?

Posted by Area Editor, 9 June 2007 2:39 am

Autodesk obviously has a lot to do with CAD and design so as a tip of the hat to the mother ship I thought I'd point out what has to be the single coolest and most over the top home design I have ever seen. Residence Antilia will be a 173 meter tall 27 storey building. The catch is this is not a business structure it will be the personal residence of one of the the richest men in India. It will have parking space for his 168 cars including special floors for car maintenance. 3 helipads, a theatre, 2 floors set aside for pool and health club and room for the 600 employees necessary to run the building are included. What can I say. I think at some point in their childhood everone wanted to build and live in a castle or mansion. Damn if this guy didn't top my wildest imagination in real life. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when the contractor was handed this "house" plan. Go HERE to see the full story


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