Its GDC time again

Posted by Shawn Hendriks, 28 February 2011 7:00 pm

 GDC 2011 starts up this week and to kick it off  I shot 3 different videos with Autodesk Games customers.   One of the things that many people forget (or honestly probably never knew) is that Autodesk creates games middleware, not just content creation software.  In these videos I tried to highlight the usage of some of our middleware and give the non-programers among you a hint of how impressive the technology is.  As a non programmer I found talking with these customers and seeing how they used our middleware pretty fascinating and educational.  

Along the same middleware vein, Autodesk also recently announced the the intent to acquire Scaleform which creates middleware for Games UI.  Its safe to say you will probably see some more info on that come out of GDC so stay tuned.  Also don't forget to check out the live stream from the show here on wednesday.

Now on with the video.  First up is EA sports MMA (Mixed Martial Arts for the non violent and WWE hold outs among you)  EA used Maya and MotionBuilder Along with Human IK, both in those packages, and as middleware in engine to create this game.  hopefully the video will give you an idea of just how important Human IK was to this process.



Next up we have EA Danger Close Games which recently finished The lates Medal Of Honor Using Maya and Mudbox along Autodesk Beast and Kynapse Middlware solutions.



And Finally we Have EIDOS Montreal and the long awaited Deus Ex sequal Human Revolution.  This studio didn't use any of our middleware but I love their pipeline.  They are running 3ds max, Maya and Motionbuilder (I know that should be enough for me to love it but there is more)  What makes this more interesting is they allow the artists to pick and choose which software they would rather use to accomplish any given task and use FBX to tie it together.  Not only that but they break the ancient holy rule and upgraded software during production to gain access to new tools to improve artist efficiency. Now thats a flexible pipeline.




Posted 5 March 2011 8:56 pm

great stuff!!! would love to see some more of the games made with 3dsmax though


Posted 6 March 2011 11:44 am

it was a pleasure to see all the nice stuff live on the-area.
New releases and suites look very solid.

Especially the maya suite, with its UI and character tool unification looks great.
It's not anymore like apps were just thrown together.

Customer showcases are cool too. It's always interesting to see game levels inside editors and the Beast contribution to the beauty of these game levels is insane.

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