The hackers answer to high end stereo graphics: Cellophane

Posted by Shawn Hendriks, 14 May 2008 2:27 am

In case you hadn't noticed I've recently been leaning towards useful ways to hack our world. It started with making your own cintiq followed by making a touch screen out of a Wii and hacking your canon camera. Now learn how to create a polarized stereo viewing system using your laptop and cellophane.

For those of you new too the concept of stereo images I'll go over a really simplified overview. There are a number of ways someone can create the stereo effect on a 2d screen. One of the most basic is called Anaglyph Stereo. This system is characterized by those funky red and blue lensed glasses you probably remember from your childhood. This system relies on colour filters to control what each eye sees thus creating the stereo illusion. Anyone wanting to try out this technique with 3ds max should check out Louis Marcoux's tutorials here on the AREA.

A higher end version found in many theaters is a passive polarizing system. With this system two separate streams of images are interleaved together on the same screen with each one polarized differently. Thanks to the polarization anyone using special polarized glasses will then filter out these images each eye only sees the video stream meant for it. This is a gross simplification of a complex topic but it will do for now.

Well as it turns out you can avoid buying those polarizing glasses and expensive projection systems. I never would have guessed myself but apparently common kitchen Cellophane is a near perfect polarizer and when mixed with an LCD screen which always has a known polarity you can actually hack together a poor mans polarized stereo setup

Here is the info straight from Keigo lizuka of the university of Toronto....

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Posted 24 May 2008 12:10 am

hi, i have a question please , i have a 3DS file that interrompts and can't be opened, is it possible 2 solve this problém?

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