NFL............THATS "National Flipper League !!

Posted by S+W, 26 March 2012 8:00 pm it should be played !!

Which according to our brave trio opposite should be on ice !!

So keeping with our footballing theme we've up loaded a little demo that we recorded last year. It's based around some material that we had for an ident for the Heisman cup and we kinda used it to show a bunch of things.

This particular demo was done on a Smoke on Mac......but it's totally applicable to Flame et al, especially as there's a little cheeky bit in the first part of the demo where we use the MK in a, er......., way that it may not have originally been intended for.


Anyways hope you enjoy...........the whole lot lasts around 50 minutes and is broken down into 3 parts.


Have fun, and we'll let you know the result of the above match in the next posting.












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Posted 8 April 2012 8:52 pm

Brilliant use of the tools.

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