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Maya Bonus Tools

Bonus Tools 2016 is a free collection of useful Maya scripts and plug-ins. After installing Bonus Tools, an additional pull-down menu will be added to the end of the main Maya menu. This new menu provides easy access to a variety of tools and utilities for daily use. The BonusTools menu sets have been reorganized to match that of the Maya 2016 UI overhaul.


This includes new menus such has Rigging, which was separated out from Animation. As well as sub-categories within the menus that help visually distinguish and clarify the functionality of the tools.


Another great improvement to BonusTools 2016 is the integration of the modeling tools into the standard marking menus that modelers rely on every day. This gives you fast, context sensitive access to all modeling functionality contained within BonusTools, without having to break out of your modeling workflow. Simply select a mesh, face, edge or vertex and hold Shift+RMB.


What’s New in BonusTools 2016?
  • Edit -> Duplicate Mesh as Reference
  • Edit -> Paint Duplicate on Object
  • Display -> Toggle XRay Per Mesh / Surface
  • Display -> Orthographic Control
  • Create -> Mesh Locator
  • Create -> Separator on Shelf
  • Modify -> Move Curve Pivot(s) to Last CV
  • Modify -> Edge Segment Snapping
  • Modeling -> Combine and Copy First Pivot
  • Modeling -> Slide Edge Loop and Preserve UVs
  • UV Editing -> Checker Pattern Size
  • Rigging -> Toggle Parallel Evaluation
  • Rigging -> Toggle GPU Acceleration
  • Rigging -> Toggle OpenSubdiv + OpenCL for Selected
  • Rigging -> GPU Acceleration Status: Currently Supported
  • Rigging -> GPU Acceleration Status: Check Selected
  • Rigging -> GPU Acceleration Status: Check All Deformers
  • FX -> Bifrost Memory Usage
  • FX -> Bifrost Batch Simulation
  • Rendering -> Assign New Material for Each Selected
  • Rendering -> Turtle: Render Image Sequence
  • Help -> Go to Bonus Tool Install Location

What’s been updated in BonusTools 2016?
  • Display -> Display Control
  • Window -> Attribute Collection
  • Modify -> Isometric Shear
  • UV Editing -> Auto Unwrap UV’s Tool
  • UV Editing -> Rotate UVs Around Last Selected
  • UV Editing -> Flip UVs Horizontally Across Last Selected
  • UV Editing -> Flip UVs Vertically Across Last Selected

What’s been moved into Maya proper?
  • Modeling -> Bevel Around Faces

Where to find the Maya bonus tools

The Maya bonus tools 2016 can be found on the Maya app exchange