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Getting Started
The place to be if you are new to Maya

Modeling a Jacket

XGen Topology and Set Dressing

Creating a Bifrost coastal town simulation

Sending a character from Maya to Softimage with ICEFlow

Working with Maya and Mudbox
This series shows you how to use Maya and Mudbox together to add detail and expression to a base Maya model.

Miscellaneous Dynamics and Fluid Effects

Creating XGen hair
This series shows you how to use the XGen plug-in to create realistic, procedural generated hair.

Powering up a reactor using nDynamics
This series shows you how to use nParticles and nCloth to create a warp reactor effect.

Rendering Occlusion with Turtle
This series shows you how to render various types of occlusion using the Turtle rendering plugin.

Miscellaneous Lighting and Rendering

Miscellaneous Animation

Animating an assembly line
This series shows you how to animate an alien assembly line while introducing you to basic concepts in keyframe and driven key animation.

Miscellanous Python

Creating a Python command plug-in

Creating procedural terrain
This series shows you how to use MEL scripting to create procedural road patterns in pre-made hex primitives. It also shows you how to develop a UI with Qt Creator to control these patterns.

Creating a zombie simulation using MEL
This series shows you how to create a dynamic zombie apocalypse simulation while introducing you to key concepts of MEL scripting

Miscellaneous Modeling

Modeling a head with proper topology
In this series, we show you some common topological errors people can make when modeling, then walk through modeling a zombie head while avoiding those errors.

Color Profiles

Applying Shaders and Materials

Unfolding a UV Mesh
This series shows you how to generate organic UV meshes and use them to apply a texture to a head model.

These movies show you how to use Maya Assets, a lightweight organization tool for managing parts of your scene.

Miscellaneous Character Setup

Creating a Character Rig
In this tutorial series, we show you how to create an animation-ready character proxy rig with features such as stretch/squash, space switching, knee/elbow snapping, and IK/FK matching.

Customize Maya behavior and Interface

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