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Fieldrunners 2 is the sequel to the award-winning Fieldrunners, a tower defense game developed by Subatomic Studios. Following-up this kind of success is never a simple task and the creators wanted to expand on every aspect of the original game to create a highly engaging experience without compromising any of the core aspects that made the original Fieldrunners so fun and addictive. How did they manage to create more vibrant, enchanting characters on a much larger scale without sacrificing quality and cutting corners?

Read on to learn from the founders and artists of Subatomic Studios, who describe how Autodesk 3ds Max was able to help them achieve their creative vision.

Fieldrunners 2, sequel to the award-winning tower defense game Fieldrunners, features more enemies, more environments, more weapons, and more fun ways to play! In this video the founders and artists explain how they approached their asset creation pipeline and how Autodesk 3ds Max greatly simplified their creative workflow, increasing their flexibility to iterate and enabling the production of more engaging game characters.

We talk to some of the artists to learn how they approached the development for Fieldrunners 2. They share some insight on their creative inspirations and artistic challenges faced during development. They also discuss how Autodesk 3ds Max helped them realize their artistic vision and bring the game to life.