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LEGACY CONTENT: About Flame Essentials Tutorials
Published by: Creative Finishing Training
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Skill: Beginner

These exercises are designed to teach the essential elements of Autodesk’s powerful family of compositing and effects products including Autodesk® Flame®, Autodesk® Flint® and Autodesk® Flare® software. For simplicity, all modules refer to Autodesk® Flame® but will apply to all products except where noted.

Tutorial Steps
Tutorial Navigation


The Flame Essentials contains exercises, followed by interface overviews.

*Follow the exercises to get practical experience using the software.
Footage for the exercises is provided at the beginning of each exercise as a Flame archive file.

* Watch the overviews to learn more about the Flame user interface and functionalities.
These overviews are meant to walk you through the interface and therefore no footage is provided.

Although the Essentials Skills tutorials are intended for new users, existing Flame artists will learn valuable compositing and effects techniques.


In these Flame Essentials skills tutorials, you will learn how to:

• Start a project and restore a Flame archive.
• Build effects using Batch procedural environment.
• Composite a scene using techniques including color correction, keying, text, tracking and masks.
• Create complex composites and animations within the 3D environment of the Action module.

Additional learning resources are available to develop your skills; refer to the More Resources section at the end of these tutorials.

Tutorial Navigation

To access a tutorial, navigate the menu on the left side of the page and click on an exercise or an overview in the numbered list.

The exercises are listed in the recommended order of completion. At the end of each exercise, you will find a link pointing to the related overview modules that will provide additional information on the tools that were used in this exercise.

Note that you will need to download and open the Flame archive provided with each of the exercise in order to access the material.