Games for Change 2013
Students, do you have the chops to create a game that helps promote social change for the better? What things in your region or country would you like to see change? Autodesk® Education is sponsoring a challenge created by Games for Change that will give you the opportunity to show what you've got!
The Mission
Explore the power of your medium and make a real-world impact! Take the challenge and engage people in important social and ecological efforts.
Take action

First, submit your concept to Games for Change for a compelling animation film, game, or interactive experience and be eligible for free access* to game development software and other goodies which will assist you in taking your idea to the next level.

Second, within the course of one year, participants are invited to submit a prototype or vertical slice of their concept to Games for Change **.

Finally, at the FMX conference in March 2014, a renowned jury will award the winners of the challenge with prizes, including exposure at major events, matchmaking, and much more.

The Games for Change Challenge 2013 is a project of Games for Change Europe with Autodesk and Unity Technologies sponsoring the challenge

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Who can participate?

The call for submissions is open to students of all levels in accredited institutions of higher education worldwide. Participants who graduated in 2013 or will be finishing their degree within the timeframe of the 2013 completion are also welcome to submit. If you are planning on submitting as a team, please be aware that at least one of the key members involved in the development and production of your piece must be enrolled as a student. Visit the Games for Change Website for complete contest rules and requirements.

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