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Live Streaming
Live streaming from the Autodesk booth will be back Friday March 4 at 10:00 AM PST
The GDC 2011 is now over… but there’s still lots to see here on AREA. If you missed any of the content streamed live during the show, be sure to check out the “on-demand” material below.
Guest Presentations   MasterClasses
New Feature
Autodesk Maya 2012 Viewport 2.0 Enhancements
Evaluate your work in a higher fidelity environment with full-screen effects in the high-performance viewport.
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Autodesk Maya and Autodesk MotionBuilder
Creating QT interfaces for Maya and MotionBuilder, by David Coleman
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Product Demonstrations   Guest Presentations
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Autodesk® Maya® Entertainment Creation Suite Standard 2012
The Maya Entertainment Creation Suite makes moving data between Autodesk products as simple as one click dramatically simplifying multi-product workflows.
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EA Danger Close Games: Medal of Honor 3
Autodesk middleware and content creation tools were used heavily in the creation of Medal of Honor and in this presentation Henrik Halen specifically looks in detail at how they used Beast to achieve the incredible visual quality of the game.
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From the Show Floor   Sponsored Sessions
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Marc Petit, Sr VP, Media & Entertainment
Autodesk's Sr VP Marc Petit shares his enthusiasm for the latest technology and announcements from Autodesk at GDC.
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  New Feature
Autodesk® Kynapse®
Kynapse Middleware: Pathfinding Data Structures, from Multi-Core Generation to SPU Usage
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Virtual Booth
virtual booth
The GDC 2011 Virtual Booth
New to AREA: Wish you were at GDC? You can be…virtually! To get the full, virtual experience, come check out our virtual booth. Walk through the booth, view it from all sides…come on in!
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A Message for Students
You want to change the world. We want to see you do it. Start the year off right by downloading for free* the same software that professionals use every day to push the boundaries of design. Visit the Education Community, an online forum that provides students and faculty with free* software and valuable learning resources. More than 25 software products are available for free* download—all with a new, extended 36-month license. You have big ideas and even bigger dreams. Develop the skills you need to make them real.

Autodesk Education @ GDC 2011
Members of the Autodesk Education team will be attending GDC 2011 and available to meet with students and teachers in the Autodesk booth during regular booth hours. Email to meet a member of our team or for details and schedule information.

Autodesk Education Initiatives
By providing design software, innovative programs and other resources designed to inspire the next generation of professionals, Autodesk supports educators to advance design education and science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills and helps prepare students for future academic and career success. For more information, visit .
Virtual GDC Press Room
Welcome to Autodesk's Virtual GDC Press Room. Here you can access all of the resources available to journalists attending the conference.
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