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Step 1 - Create your IRC Nick/login name

In this first step, we will edit our personal profile so that it will enable us to login to the Area IRC server.

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Step 2 - Download IRC Client

There are many IRC Clients for different OS. Depending on your OS, we highly recommend you choose Mirc (Windows), Colloquy (Mac OS X) or KVIrc (Unix).

Mirc Download Page
Colloquy Download Page
KVIrc Download Page

Step 3 - IRC Server Information

After you've downloaded the IRC client and have installed it, you will be asked to set your IRC server. The information below is what you'll need to get onto the Area IRC Server:

Chat Server: area.autodesk.com
Server Port: 6666
Username: this is the name that you've created in the Nickname field within your profile
Password: this is the same password you use to log into The Area

We've created the following discussion rooms: #3dsmax; #maya; #motionbuilder; #mudbox; #combustion; #flame; #flint; #inferno; #lustre; #smoke; #toxik and #general_discussion