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Autodesk HumanIK 2012

Autodesk® HumanIK® 2012 animation middleware is a software development library for creating more believable, interactive character animation in games.

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What's New in HumanIK 2012

New features in HumanIK 2012 include:

  • Support for Apple mobile platforms: HumanIK 2012 provides support for the Apple® iOS platform, enabling it to be integrated into games developed for Apple mobile devices: iPhone® 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad® mobile digital device.
  • Increase animator productivity with procedural motion adaptation and retargeting: By procedurally adapting existing character animation to game environments at run-time, HumanIK frees animators from having to produce every combination of animation. Run-time retargeting enables developers to reuse banks of animation on characters of different scales and proportions.
  • Reduce the burden of creating and maintaining large animation libraries: HumanIK helps streamline the animation pipeline, reducing the burden of creating and maintaining large animation clip libraries typically used in games. Using HumanIK, developers can alter character animations on the fly. Less animation data means quicker load times for players and less assets to produce and maintain.
  • Create high-quality, believable character animation: HumanIK enhances animation systems by enabling characters to interact more realistically with the game environment. Characters place their feet correctly on uneven terrain, climb walls, pick up weapons and objects, even when the game environment changes. With less gameplay constraints, HumanIK helps bring games to life with more believable and immersive character animation.
  • Support for Major Gaming Platforms: HumanIK is a modular, multithreaded library, optimized for Microsoft® Windows® (32-bit) and Apple iOS operating systems, Sony PlayStation®2, PLAYSTATION®3, Microsoft® Xbox®, Xbox 360®, and Nintendo® Wii game consoles.

Learn more at www.autodesk.com/humanik.