IBC 2014 is now over… but there’s still lots to see here on AREA. If you missed any of the content streamed live during the show, be sure to check out the “on-demand” material below.

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​IBC 2014 Flame Award
Celebrating Best Artist, Best Work

Congratulations James Sénade, this year’s Flame Award winner! Find out more on the Flame Award site!

James Sénade
Flame Artist and VFX Supervisor
Saint George

The Flame Award is sponsored by AJA

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Robert Coulin
Velvet Mediendesign GmhB

Robert Coulin studied Arts at the Akademie der bildenden Kuenste in Munich before switching to digital graphics. Starting out in 3D and editing, Robert is now a freelancer on Flame and Smoke.​

Alex Jackson

Alex Jackson has worked as a developer in Framestore's Production Tools department for the last 8 years. Originally hired as a Filemaker Pro developer, he is part of a team of three which develops and maintains Framestore's Production Tracking software, as well as manages the company's Shotgun installations. When not writing Python scripts, he is to be found in his garage skinning his knuckles while attempting to keep three motorcycles on the road.​

Greg-Paul Malone
Design and Visual Effects Flame Artist

Greg-Paul Malone is a design and visual effects Flame Artist who has been freelancing in Los Angeles and internationally since 1997, for commercials, film, episodic and network promos.​

Emilio Pérez Barba
Post Production Manager and Senior VFX Compositor, Serena Digital

With an educational background in architecture, editing, and post production, Emilio's career started in 1986 at Atanor, where he worked on Sony linear editing platforms, and then Flame. He moved on to the Telson Group in 1993, where he specialized in VFX compositing for film and advertising before becoming a VFX supervisor. Emilio then joined Serena Digital in 2003 as part of the founding management team, where he now manages post-production, and is a senior VFX compositor and key VFX advisor. Emilio has shared his expertise and knowledge through various teaching engagements, and has participated as a speaker at the III Spanish Film Festival in Malaga. He has also served on the jury of the 10th week of experimental film in Madrid and the jury of the Royals and APPE.​

Oliver Bersey
Deputy Head of Flame

Ollie joined Framestore in 1995, training as a VT Operator before moving to the Henry department. He started out as part of the Emmy award winning team on Alice in Wonderland and Walking with Dinosaurs before he decided to shift his focus to commercials. Before too long, Ollie became an Autodesk Smoke operator and head of a successful department.

More recently, he moved to the Flame department, using his skills to produce great work, notably the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary promo. Ollie's experience makes him extremely fast and he approaches each situation in a calm and practical way, always seeking the most efficient creative solution.​

Andreas Rathmacher
Senior Flame Artist

Andreas is a Senior VFX, Compositing & Motion Graphics artist who started his visual effect career on Quantel Henry before moving to Autodesk Flame at PICTORION das werk GmbH. There, he practiced his trade as Senior Flame Artist from 2004 to 2011. Andreas is now freelancing, working mainly on commercial projects, including the Mattoni commercial for Velvet Mediendesign GmbH.

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