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emTopolizer2 Update

Digital Toolmaker Eric Mootz has announced the immediate release of emTopolizer2 (version 2.2) for Softimage. This new version contains the brand new polygonizer core featuring several new…

Posted: Apr 09, 2014
Software: Film, TV and VFX, Autodesk Softimage

Dan Roarty's Realistic 3D Portraits

Character artist Dan Roarty walks us through the process of creating one of his hyperrealistic 3D portraits, "Happy Birthday, Nana," a tribute to his late grandmother. Dan shows how he uses the…

Posted: Apr 07, 2014
Software: Autodesk Mudbox


CONSTRUCT is a Sci-Fi short film advancing the art of filmmaking, VFX and virtual production. Check out the teaser trailer for CONSTRUCT, which was presented as part of a tech demo at…

Posted: Apr 02, 2014
Software: Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk MotionBuilder

MGODI for Android - Job framework

Available for Android and iOS, MGODI is a new job framework setup especially for the CG community. It's free and let's you upload your portfolio! Companies and people can easily post jobs. Easily…

Posted: Apr 02, 2014
Software: General

cmiVFX Releases Brand New Autodesk Flame Premium Migration Guide

This video is designed for people that are looking to learn Autodesk Flame Premium OR Smoke to replace your Adobe Premiere and Apple Final Cut Pro workflows. As of this year, Flame Premium is now the…

Posted: Apr 01, 2014
Software: Autodesk Flame Premium

Chaos Group V-Ray 3.0 for Maya Beta Now Open!

The V-Ray 3.0 for Maya Beta program is now open! A new Progressive Rendering Engine, support for several open source technologies, plus up to 5x faster ray tracing and rendering performance are…

Posted: Mar 28, 2014
Software: Autodesk Maya

NOX 0.43 Released

NOX is a free renderer based on unbiased methods. Now NOX can render up to 90 percent faster (acceleration depends on the scene). Machines with Win7 64bit or higher can benefit from new engine which…

Posted: Mar 26, 2014
Software: Autodesk 3ds Max

3D Fabrics Released

Viz-People introduced it's brand new 3d Fabrics collection. Long awaited collection of 80 high detail textile models is now released. It contain Jackets, Shirts, Trousers, Shoes, Cushions, Beds,…

Posted: Mar 25, 2014
Software: Autodesk Mudbox, General, Character/People

cmiVFX features Maya in its latest video

cmiVFX brings you a brand new training video taught by Salah Soltane. These days we rarely receive plates with fixed cameras, so tracking and match moving have become essential daily tasks. We cover…

Posted: Mar 18, 2014
Software: Autodesk Maya