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Autodesk Maya 2012 Service Pack 2
Software: Autodesk Maya
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Download SP2 now, which contains numerous fixes to UI and menu functionalities, tools, and more.

Bug fixes below:
MAYA‐100 Add editable location field in the File Browser
MAYA‐101 Maya doesn't always switch between single/multi pane views
MAYA‐188/7273 Merge vertices pops users out of translate mode
MAYA‐206/7797 Graph Editor updating while hidden
MAYA‐548 Dope Sheet Editor memory usage
MAYA‐874 Split Polygon Tool and Interactive Split Tool for grouped polygon object issues
MAYA‐1287 Inconsistent hotbox ‐displayCenterOnly behavior
MAYA‐1618/8988 Hotbox menus appear in inconsistent positions with multi‐monitor setups
MAYA‐1633 mental ray: light map baking issue with normal maps
MAYA‐1673 GUI/QT/Attribute Editor slowing down workflow
MAYA‐1799 Import window creates namespace except when file is dropped into viewport
MAYA‐1801/7660 Channel Box mirroring Attribute Editor width
MAYA‐1944 Outliner scroll bar is the wrong color and is very hard to see
MAYA‐2155 Improve performance of window –ex query
MAYA‐2350 Performance issue in importing large mesh
MAYA‐2657 Import Objects from Multi‐level Reference causes crash
MAYA‐2909 Referenced MEL commands lost after Import
MAYA‐3109 Some icons in UV Texture Editor are not able to open up option windows
MAYA‐3169 Interactive split doesn't let you add a single vertex to an edge
MAYA‐4427 Hypershade performance issue
MAYA‐4444 MFnMesh::setFaceVertexNormals() performance issue with mesh data
MAYA‐4476 Issue with Copy and Paste from Script Editor into Thunderbird
MAYA‐4481/7615 Move tool (and others) hang mid‐move, then can’t undo
MAYA‐4503 Collapsed marking menus with ATI Radeon 5870 graphics card
MAYA‐4515 Qt include files not included in the runTime/include directory tree
MAYA‐6101/8519 Marking menus don't work in tear off panels
MAYA‐6137/8000 Reinstate workflow using CTRL to activate window
MAYA‐6138/7512 Editing keys in Graph Editor destroys undo queue
MAYA‐6331 MItMeshPolygon::getUVArea() returns last calculated value on mesh with tweaks
MAYA‐6443 Issue with sub‐frame caching for negative frames
MAYA‐6560 Python API: MDGMessage.addPreConnectionCallback() causes crash
MAYA‐6753 Turtle not rendering in command line
MAYA‐6772 Referencing in an object causes crash
MAYA‐6776/7720 TskinPercentCmd problems
MAYA‐7549/7930 Lag when switching between panes
MAYA‐7583/7918 Pop‐up menu crashes in Shelf Editor icon previews
MAYA‐7585/8209 Maya crashes if a Paint > Sculpt operation is flooded (on poly edges)
MAYA‐7625 Removing a reference causes crash
MAYA‐7661 Tool settings: blank state issue
MAYA‐7666/7718 Ghosting an animation layer causes crash
MAYA‐7701 Correct timeline performance issue
MAYA‐7702 Windows sometimes lose saved settings and open at 0,0
MAYA‐7748 OGS: Improve object manipulation performance
MAYA‐7814/7929 Selecting and translate/rotate/scaleon vertices quickly results in crash
MAYA‐7817 Change selection priority of GPU Cache objects
MAYA‐7917 Poly tool doesn't blockor handle undoing operationscorrectly
MAYA‐7920 Interactive split should reset after completing an operation
MAYA‐8013 Improve how interactive split handlesbad data
MAYA‐8164/9151 Grouping with multiple input NURBScurves in attachCurve and file referencingcauses crash
MAYA‐8244 Poly separate isslow to make results active
MAYA‐8296/8505 Quick move tool marking menus freezesthen causes crash
MAYA‐8423/9130 Opening a file after Graph Editor pinning causes crash
MAYA‐8552/9173 Unloading tool context plug‐in after deleting tool context by deleteUI causescrash
MAYA‐8726 artUserPaintCtx no longer respects vertex selection
MAYA‐8769/8979 The Shift key is taking focus and removing UI when trying to type in Hypershade
MAYA‐8834 Render View not showing updates during renders (appears blank until render finishes)
MAYA‐9568 nParticle expression using opacity causing nCache crash
MAYA‐9582 mental ray: Output Shader fix for Camera (Shave/Haircut)