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New Maya 2013 Tutorials (From Beginner to Advanced)
Software: Autodesk Maya
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New tutorials for Maya 2013, now available! New HumanIK and nHair Getting Started tutorials, featuring all new scene files and workflows with the latest Maya features are available online. In addition, check out updated lessons in Rendering that now feature Viewport 2.0, and the updated File Referencing tutorials. New lesson data is also available for the Polygonal Modeling tutorial.

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Updated Maya 2013 Advanced Techniques Tutorials

Now available for Maya 2013: updated Advanced Techniques tutorials for nParticles, nCloth, and Maya Muscle! Find them online with downloadable lesson data.

Tutorial topics include:

Maya nParticles
The Maya nParticles advanced techniques tutorial demonstrates the use of three types of nParticle systems: an nParticle output mesh, a 3D fluid with container, and an external gravity field.

Maya nCloth
The Maya nCloth advanced techniques tutorial teaches a workflow to simulate high-resolution clothing using nCloth. In the tutorial, lower-resolution versions of a high-resolution mesh are converted to nCloth and manipulated to quickly create animated behaviors unique to simulated cloth.

Maya Muscle
The Maya Muscle advanced techniques tutorials illustrate how to use the Maya Muscle skin deformer for your own characters and projects. The Muscle Builder example offers a basic overview of Maya Muscle features as applied to cMuscleSpline-based muscles. In addition, you’ll learn the basic workflow and features of the Maya Muscle Creator in several lessons.

View the tutorial workflows in HTML or PDF (depending on the version), and download the corresponding scene files and lesson data.