Zynga Breathes New Life Into FarmVille 2 Using Autodesk 3ds Max

AREA | Posted 4 January 2013 10:11:42 am


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When creating a game, Zynga considers the vastness and diversity of its global player base. Their goal is to create a game that draws players into a vibrant, responsive world that reacts to a player’s touch and provides a million delightful, little experiences. To achieve this, the team moved FarmVille 2 into an all-new 3D world with the help of Autodesk 3ds Max. Creating FarmVille 2 in 3D not only helped the Zynga team create a livelier game world, but also achieve much higher efficiencies in asset creation, enabling the rapid addition of new content and behaviors into the game based on player feedback.​



Posted on: 28 March 2013 7:58 am

This guys are really accomplishing great results for the online gaming industry, taking it to the next level.
I'm working in a couple of gaming websites in Brazil, about [ cooking] and [ fashion] games if anyone cares to check them out , nothing that fancy though, not yet at least!

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