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CAT Overview - Part 1 : Rigging with CAT
Posted: Jan 17, 2009
Published by: Louis Marcoux
Homepage: Visit the page
Software: Autodesk 3ds Max
Category: Animation, Character, General
Skill: Intermediate
Tutorial Steps
1Introduction to CAT
2Creating the pelvis and the legs
3Spine and neck
4Arms and save preset rig
5Exampe: human from Mudbox

In this first set of videos on the CAT subject, see how to create a character rig from scratch with all the rigging tools available in CAT.

Also learn how to use the current animation rig presets and how to create your own.

Introduction to CAT

In this first video, i cover the basics of CAT. Where it is on the interface and how to load the preset rigs that are available right after the install.

Creating the pelvis and the legs

This set of 2 videos covers how to start a new rig from scratch by creating the pelvis and the legs.

Spine and neck

See how the CAT spine can be used to quickly setup the spine and the neck of the character. Also see how you can add extra bones to the CAT rig to extend its functionality.

Arms and save preset rig

Finish the rig by adding arms, hands and fingers. Also learn how to save the rig so that it becomes a new CAT preset that you can load for any other project in the future.

Exampe: human from Mudbox

To show you the full process of creating a skeleton with CAT for a character, i exported the Mudbox human primitive and brought it to 3ds Max. In this video, you'll see how i created the skeleton for this human.

A second part to this tutorial will follow before the end of January 2009. I will then cover how to animate with the CAT tools.

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Posted by Nilupul Perera on Dec 11, 2015 at 08:53 PM
Your explanations are superb. The basics and core knowledge is projected excellent way. I noted that this tutorials were generated in 2009. Still these tutorials are very attractive.

Thank you very much.
Posted by WalterVestergaard on Sep 21, 2015 at 09:39 AM
Great tutorial!

One tip! If you double-click the first segment on a bone (like a digit) and then rotate, the bone segments will automatically "curl" (get the same rotation). Especially useful for adjusting digits.
Posted by Ridgi on Jan 15, 2013 at 07:52 AM
Bonjour, j'ai regardé les trois partie de CAT Overview, deux fois. Bref, clair et précis. Pas le temps de s'ennuyer. Depuis que je vous ai vue dans une présentation en 2009 (trouvé sur le net résamment), je ragarde tout vos tutoriels. Merci pour le temps précieux que vous nous donné. Pour votre information. J'utilise présentement 3ds max 2013. Dans la partie 2 (Mixing Layers with Different Transition Positions), losque l'on utilise (display layer transforn gixmo) un bug survien qui rend inutilisable les différent calque de mouvement. J'ai désinstaller Update 6 et tout est redevenu à la normal. Si ça peut être de quelque utilité.

Merci encore
Posted by Strikte Trennung von Eiweiß und Brennwert on Jan 03, 2013 at 11:35 AM
I prefer bones.
Posted by emredabak on Dec 01, 2012 at 02:37 AM
really thanks a lot for the tutorials