AU Masterclasses

Pants' use of 3D objects in Smoke

Michael (Pants) Sands

For my master class I want to share some techniques that I used in my last few projects. Each project has a problem, and I will show my solutions for them.

I. Trinity Railway
1) Conform different frame rates
a. Technique to quickly match timewarps using a reference and the difference mode for track comparison
2) Color correction to create the look of a camera flash
3) Color correction to create a stylized vignette
a. Creating an analogous color look

II. Rubik's Race
1) Creating a 3d object grid that uses one diffuse map for the entire grid
a. Import 3d object
b. Writing expression for using one diffuse map
c. Building 3d grid
d. Apply texture map
2) Animating and exporting .fbx for 3d application (Cinema 4d)
3) Compositing 3d multi-pass renders
a. Placing live action footage
b. Using alpha mattes on object placed in 3d space

III. Route 66
1) Optimizing compositing of 4k footage
a. Using 2d transform instead of action
b. Using the timeline in ConnectFX to access only the material used
2) Retouching footage
a. Using bilinear surfaces and tracking to replace an object
IV. Gatti's
1) Color correction
a. Using ConnectFX to grad footage
b. Look creation

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