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Perry Harovas MasterClass

Perry Harovas

Perry has over 18 years experience in film, television and games. He has created visual effects for seven feature films, directed 2 half-hour animated children's shows which aired in 31 million households, co-authored the best-selling 848 page book "Mastering Maya" which was the first book released about Maya. He speaks regularly on the subjects of animation and visual effects across the country, primarily at universities such as Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and New York University (NYU). Perry has also taught at multiple colleges and universities, including NYU's Center for Advanced Digital Applications (CADA), Emerson College and TrueMax Academy in Copenhagen, Denmark. Currently

The Best of Both Worlds

Using Softimage and Maya to create a VFX pipeline using the best tools for the job!

There is a feeling out there (and I have had it myself) that DCC software is an “either/or” proposition. You either use Maya OR Softimage. A lot of this comes from our own personal preferences, of course. UI, workflow, luck, history all come into play when we choose to use a piece of software, basically, exclusively. However... Just because I like my hammer, doesn’t mean I should use it to remove screws. I of course COULD do that, but it would not be a good use of the tool.

Tools are just that. Tools.

How do we get around this? We realize that the best tools for the job are sometimes in other packages. Take the best of both worlds, and your final result will be the best it can be (at least visually). In this class, I will show the viewers how to set analyze what tools are best for the job at hand, then systematically show how using (in this example) Maya, Softimage and Mudbox together will create a final VFX shot that makes the artist (and producer's) life easier. Maya has an amazing cloth system in nCloth. It's fast, flexible, and tear-able! Softimage has the most flexible particle system I have ever used. Together, they make short work of difficult shots. Shots like this:

A bombed-out (post apocalyptic) room, with torn cloth blowing in the nuclear winds and smoke and ash everywhere. Nuke-defying bugs swarm around a dead body, that is rotting the last few chunks of flesh that survived the explosion.

Using Mudbox, textures for the walls and deformations on the objects are easier than ever. Easy in, and easy out!

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