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Luciano Neves[ In conversation... ]

Born in Sao Paulo in Brazil, Luciano Neves is Director of 3D at Tribbo Post, in Brazil. During his two years working at this company, Luciano has directed many well recognized TV commercials and short-films, 3D projects, and cinematics for games. In his professional capacity, he leads and motivates a dedicated and highly professional team.

Luciano is a perfectionist, creating highly-detailed, CG photo-realistic recreations and environments. While “Big Ben” and London's Tower Bridge are some of the most recognizable of Luciano’s work, the Basilique du Sacré Coeur and Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris are also some other models that Luciano has recreated with Autodesk® 3ds Max® software.

He is a Master Award winner in ELEMENTAL 1 and ELEMENTAL 2, and is also Excellence Award winner in EXPOSÉ 3.

During a fourteen-year career, he has worked in many disciplines and companies throughout Europe.

A conversation with Luciano Neves
How did you get involved with 3D computer graphics?
Luciano:I have always had a big passion for art, and love to watch good films that make me fly through history. To this day, when I go to cinema and sit to watch a film, it is incredible how I feel. It was the same when I was a child. Everything is so impressive and I feel like it’s the first time I'm there and everything is new.

I remember I was studying to be a fighter pilot and it was in my mind until I was 18 years old. Suddenly I changed my path to learn more things about computers and art, and I always loves make my own drawings on paper. Then I tried to find a technical course that show me how to blend computer art with my drawings, and then found way working with vector images and pixel images to make “my art”.

I started a Data Processing course and, after some months, I knew that all I would learn would be software language and how to make programs. I didn’t want to do just that but, my rule is that when I start something I finish it.

I came from a family with few resources, and going to a CGI University was only in my dreams. I accepted this and had to start work as soon I finished college.

The more I watched films the more my love for computer art grew -- so did my interest in understanding how they make FX for films. From that point I decided to study by myself. My family made me understand the most important things: people can learn, we have will power, inspiration, and to have responsibility, dedication and love for your work. This was all I needed to start my career.

What are some of the projects have you worked on?
Luciano: We always have many projects inside our company and we make TV commercials (TVC) for many national and international brands-- and for films too.

Actually, I'm have 6 TVC projects and one big sequence shots for the cinema, all at the same time. Because of this heavy schedule I only have a little time to work on my personal projects-- normally between the middle of the night. But when I have spare time I keep doing the Teaser call “DESTINY”, this is my own project that I’m working with some guys on my team. This will be a teaser that gives a history about things that happened from the Middle Ages, around the Crusades, to contemporary times. I have restarted this project twice and always the work for my company takes over my time but I hope this year we can finish.

As an Autodesk Master, for what do you use the 3D software? (For example, character rigging, modeling, texturing, lighting etc.)
Luciano: To produce advertisements and make TVCs we need to use a good tools and this 3D software gives me and my team all the freedom we need. This leads the way to create all we want. We use 3D software in all levels, modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering.

Everything is possible with this software. I heard some interesting words in the “Making Of Gladiator” and really true. The words were: “Give to us enough time, give to us enough money and we can do anything.” It’s simple, clear, and true.

Between 2008 and 2009 we made one great cinematic for a game, and used all of the tools and and we really loved worked with 3ds Max because it gave us the happiness to create the project in 4 months and in full HD resolution, and only half team worked on it.

What makes this industry so exciting to you?
Luciano: To create worlds is maybe the most exciting thing for me, to make an environment or a place that no one has been before is incredible. Also, every day you can learning things, it never stops.

Maybe it’s because of the feeling I have when I’m inside a cinema. It’s all is so exciting to me-- to know how things are made and to watch this on Cinema is so amazing. It is incredible how lights in scene can carry your feelings to scare you or lead you to bravery. It is impressive how music can carry your feelings and make you happy or sad. It is impressive how CGI can carry you to another world. All of this makes the industry so exciting. To me, all of it is art.

Where do you see the industry going in the next five years?
Luciano:The Avatar film from James Cameron can answer that question so well. I mean, what we exactly feel and see on that film can answer where we go, year by year and open new windows for us. It shows how it will be for the next few years. Avatar and Mr. James Cameron opened the door ! We can understand so well where the industry going for the next five years.

We had the pleasure to watch all of the good things that happened this last year in the industry, from Avatar in the movies, and in Call of Duty Modern warfare 2, Assassins Creed 2 and many others in the game industry.

But cinema or games lead us to common path, to have more and more interactivity, just to not sit and watch, but to really put us inside history, whether by stereoscopy or by other ways.

I see the industry will continue to create amazing tools to make more things possible that yesterday we thought were not possible-- for artist and for spectators.To create a worlds and things so realistic that we will ask to ourselves, “Does this really exist? Is this real? Can we touch it?

What words of wisdom do you have for anyone interested in entering the professional world of 3D computer graphics?
Luciano: Love what you make, work and study hard, respect others, keep your focus, and never give up. All the rest you will find in many CGI University, but first you will need find these traits inside yourself.
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