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Autodesk® 3ds Max® 20th Anniversary

As Autodesk 3ds Max celebrates its 20th Anniversary this year,
we invite you to join us on a journey through time.

We encourage you to send us anecdotes, photos, project clips, or well wishes for 3ds Max to add to this site. Please email them to maxturns20@autodesk.com.

In the coming months, we will re-live the most memorable product developments and celebrate the hundreds of films, games, television shows, and architectural designs that you and the software have helped bring to life.  We will also look to the future and show how new technological innovations will foster even greater creativity, productivity, and inspiration in the years to come.

Of course what this anniversary is really about is you – our worldwide 3ds Max community. The passion and contributions of many of you have given a dimension to the 3ds Max experience that’s impossible to manufacture. Therefore, we invite you to participate in the celebration and make this site your own. We encourage you to post anecdotes, photos, project clips, or well wishes for 3ds Max.

And be sure to keep checking back!  We’ll be adding more content to the site on a regular basis.

Thanks for a great 20 years & here’s to the future!

Autodesk 3ds Max Retrospective Show Reel

Watch the Autodesk® 3ds Max® software 20 year retrospective show reel featuring selections from two decades of Film, TV, Design and Games projects created using Autodesk 3ds Max and 3D Studio.

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3ds Max 20th Anniversary Apparel Now Available

For those of you who could not make it to Siggraph to receive a free 20th Anniversary T-Shirt, you now have a chance to pick one up at our e-store. Visit today and choose from different styles, or pick up a mug!

History of Autodesk 3ds Max


Versions of Autodesk 3ds Max

3D Studio v1
3D Studio v2
3D Studio v3
3D Studio v4
3ds Max v1
3ds Max v2
3ds Max v3
3ds Max v4
3ds Max v5
3ds Max v6
3ds Max v7
3ds Max v8
3ds Max v9
3ds Max 2008
3ds Max 2009
3ds Max 2010
3ds Max 2011

Video Gallery

Interview with Ken Pimentel

Short bio

Ken Pimentel is the Director of Visual Communication Solutions within Autodesk's Media & Entertainment division, responsible for guiding 3ds Max, Project Newport, Mudbox, ImageModeler, Stitcher and FBX solutions. Ken holds a BS of Electrical and Computer Engineering degree from the University of California at Davis and is the coauthor of the book "Virtual Reality: Through the New Looking Glass.

Read full interview here.

Interview with Pascal Blanche

Short bio

Hi! My name is Pascal Blanche and I am a 3D French Artist, Art Director and freelancer. I started my career back in 1993 at TILT magazine, an early video games magazine and then worked in the video game field for twelve years in companies such as Virtual Xperience, Xilam, Haikus Studios and also with Sony, worked on the first French/Canadian full CG movie "Kaena: the Prophecy". I am presently Art Director at Ubisoft, one of the biggest video game development studios in the world, where I worked on Myst IV revelation, and Naruto: rise of a ninja for Xbox360. As a freelancer, I worked for many companies, including Autodesk, Fantasyflight games and Wizards of the Coast. I have also some private projects I hope to have the time to achieve, but that's another story ;)

Read full interview here.