Announcing Autodesk®
MotionBuilder® 2013

Experience a new nonlinear editing paradigm for Virtual Production with real-time 3D character animation software.

FIFA Street, Courtesy of EASPORTS 2012

New Features

Autodesk® MotionBuilder® 2013 animation software helps production teams more reliably acquire, aggregate, and refine data, and offers a new nonlinear editing paradigm for Virtual Production. 

New features in MotionBuilder 2013: 

    • Live Data Recording to Disk in Story: Record motion capture or certain other live input data directly to disk, rather than to memory; a representation of the data is added to the Story timeline, where it can be loaded for editing when required. 
    • Heads-Up Display: Take advantage of a flexible new heads-up display (HUD) feature set to render real-time metadata into the viewer. Choose from a number of presets, or add a property reference or relationship constraint from within the scene simply by dragging and dropping it. 
    • Floating Viewer: View important scene information in an appropriate context, thanks to a new Floating Viewer. This enables one camera view to be displayed on a separate monitor from the main viewports. 
    • Broadcast WAVE File Support: Interpret timecode data more accurately with new support for professional broadcast audio WAVE files; as a result, video and audio files can be more easily synchronized. 
    • Story Clip Grouping: Simultaneously edit the timing of multiple clips, thanks to a new Summary Clip option in the Story timeline. Translate, scale, or cut all of the clips in a folder of tracks in a single action. 
    • Video Out: Output an SDI broadcast video signal which is useful in situations where a genlock reference signal is required. 
    • Z-Depth Selection: Toggle a mode that enables you to select through semi-transparent objects; change the transparency threshold through which selection is possible; cycle through objects based on their z-buffer depth; and more easily see what’s selected by hiding objects in front, hiding all unselected objects, or overriding the color of the selected object. 
    • Audio Retiming: Retime audio clips in the Story timeline and match audio timing with the timing of the animation. 
    • Performance Enhancements: Increase overall productivity with targeted performance enhancements to keep creativity flowing. In particular, scene load time, merging assets from multiple scenes, and selecting objects in a scene with many nodes are now significantly faster. 

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