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Dan Roarty's Realistic 3D Portraits

Character artist Dan Roarty walks us through the process of creating one of his hyperrealistic 3D portraits, "Happy Birthday, Nana," a…

IRON MAN 3D by Felipe Fierro
Artist: Felipe Fierro
Old Batman by Felipe Fierro
Artist: Felipe Fierro
The Blue Project
Artist: droarty
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Dragon head
Artist: Vule76
Skull Base Mesh
Artist: FrankDodger
Minotaur / Satyr / Pan Torso Base Mesh
Artist: VirusPunk
Futuristic Russian Attack Helicopter (Mi-27R) - High & Low Poly
Artist: the area
Kon-Tiki Shark Shot Walk-Through – by ILP
Artist: the area
A LIFELIKE PORTRAIT: Breaking Down Photorealism
Artist: the area