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Digital Prophecy

Points: 1074 points

Level: Regular Contributor

Company/Organization: Digital Prophecy

Member since: Mar 23, 2010


Short Bio: I started in digital animation with the old Autodesk Animator Pro in 1995, with and old Intel 486 DX4S Pc. After that, all was self learnig, in all CG graphics software and techniques. i continue with 3D Studio R3,(DOS) 3D Studio MAX R1, R3, R7, 8, 9 2011. In the middle I found time for learn Photoshop too for add more 2D experience to my CV,and enhance my textures for my 3D 2010 I discover Autodesk Mudbox, and I never could believe that the 3D modeling/scullpting could be so inmersive and gratefull. The other Sfotware that Ihave discovered in the last time was Sketchbook Pro. I sued such beautyfull program. 1st, in the Mobile version in My Iphone 3g, and after in various Android phones I have,and in the PC. Now I using it in the...

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        Stamps Jul 11, 2012 1622