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Time-lapse Sculpt Sketch: Creature Head WIP

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Time-lapse Sculpt Sketch: Creature Head WIP

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Description: Hi, Here's random/warm up head sculpture I did in Mudbox. I have put up some time-lapse videos of my sculpting process on YouTube: Check them out if you like and do please also 'subscribe' and click 'like' if you enjoyed the videos. I will hopefully will be uploading more videos on regularly bases. Also if anyone has any request and like to see a particular character or object sculpted and videoed, then please leave me a message on YouTube. Cheers

Category: Animals

Size: 900x501 px

Keywords: alien,art,beast,character,creature,ears,eyes,face,head,monster,mouth,nose

Posted: Aug 9, 2012

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Sal said on Sep 24, 2012 at 07:07 PM
Here's the link to Part 04 of the time lapse: