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NAB 2010 is over but there’s still lots to see here on AREA. If you missed any of the content streamed live during the show, be sure to check out the “on-demand” material below.

Thanks to our Strategic Partners 

We appreciate the support of Intel, HP and AJA in bringing you Virtual NAB 2010. Be sure to see the movies and other great content they have made available. Just follow the links attached to their logos…

Virtual NAB 2010 Press Room

Welcome to Autodesk's Virtual NAB Press Room. Here you can access all of the resources available to journalists attending the conference.

Autodesk® Smoke® for
Mac OS® X

Our product development team explains the benefits of building a creative hub in your Mac computer-based facility that will enable you to do more than edit with Autodesk Smoke.

Flame and Flare product video

Learn how Autodesk® Flare™, the software only creative companion for Autodesk® Flame®, allows post production facilities to scale their business by giving them more access to the visual effects and finishing tools…

Zee Networks

India media giant, Zee Network, uses Autodesk® Smoke® software to brand and support multiple channels across 5 continents.

Ascent Media: Lie to Me

Ascent Media uses Autodesk® Lustre® color grading software and Autodesk® Smoke® editorial finishing software to streamline scene and title workflows for the hit TV show Lie to Me.

Image Engine

Image Engine visual effects company uses Autodesk® Maya® and Autodesk® MotionBuilder® software to make alien creatures and everyday reality in the movie, "District 9."

Prime Focus

This international visual entertainment services group uses Autodesk visual effects, finishing, color grading, and 3D tools across its global digital pipeline for TV and film projects

Autodesk® Flame® 2011: 3D visual effects

See how Flame can be the hub of a 3D-enabled visual effects pipeline through real-world examples of commercial post from the Mill in New York and Los Angeles.

Creative 3d Finishing: Flame 2011

Flame 2011 is here and it’s big! Find out about all the new features and creative workflow in the latest version of Flame in this comprehensive 3-part demonstration.

Autodesk® Smoke® 2011 for Mac OS® X: Smoke for Creative Design

Ever have to make something out of nothing? This presentation will show you how Smoke for the Mac enables your artistic side with tools for interactive 3D design. Smoke complements within your existing Mac-based creative workflow, easily fits within your pipeline and allow you to quickly create amazing composites from scratch.

Pankaj Bajpai, Ascent Media,

Pankaj Bajpai, Colorist at Ascent Media demonstrates how Autodesk® Lustre® and Autodesk® Smoke® touch many aspects of Ascent's DiTV workflow.

3D VFX Finishing for TV: Autodesk® Flame®, Flare™ and Maya®

Flame offers an integrated workflow with 3D applications such as Maya to provide unmatched creative capabilities for finishing high-value CG-intensive commercial content. Flame integrates 3D visual effects at the core of an interactive compositing workflow, and is ideal for finishing the toughest deadline-driven projects.

Autodesk® Flare™ 2011

Find out why Flare is the choice for Flame-based facilities looking to expand their creative 3D finishing toolset. Flare offers the creative toolset of Flame in a flexible software-only configuration that can be deployed as an assistant station to existing Flame suites, a powerful standalone creative station or even an on-set visual effects tool.

Stereoscopic 3D for Television

Stereoscopic 3D broadcasting is here, and post production professionals are thinking about how they can integrate this new technology into their workflows. Autodesk’s Marc Hamaker explores Stereoscopic 3D for Television by talking to broadcasters and post production facilities about the creative demands of supporting Stereoscopic 3D content.

Don't Just Edit. Finish.: Autodesk® Smoke® for Mac OS® X

Find out what all the buzz is about! Autodesk Smoke for Mac Os X is the talk of NAB 2010 because it brings all-in-one editorial finishing to Mac-based creative finishing workflows. From conform to delivery, Smoke offers the creative tools you need to stand out from the crowd and supports the latest formats and workflows including stereoscopic 3D.

Nolan Murtha and Daniel Neufeldt, Lightstorm Entertainment

Nolan Murtha, Digital FX Supervisor and Daniel Neufeldt, Technical Supervisor at Lightstorm Entertainment present clips and behind the scenes footage from the blockbuster movie Avata

Daniel Kelly, Motor VFX,

Learn how Daniel Kelly, Sr. Flame Artist and VFX Supervisor at Motor VFX, creates commercial and music videos using Autodesk® Flame®.

Robert Lederman, North Avenue Post

Robert Lederman, Senior Editor/Compositor at North Avenue Post in Atlanta, shows how he created a TBS network promo for the Tyler Perry’s House of Payne using Autodesk® Smoke® for Mac OS® X

Behind the Scenes: Building the Autodesk Booth

Watch how the Autodesk trade show team builds a post-production facility within the NAB booth in a matter of days.

Autodesk Lustre 2011

Learn about the new features in Lustre 2011 software, including 3D stereoscopy tools and improved media format support from the Lustre application specialist.

What's New in Flame and Smoke

A Smoke and Flame artist from a full service Virginia-based agency talks about the new features in Autodesk Flame 2011 and Autodesk Smoke 2011 For Mac OS X.

Autodesk and AJA Video Systems Partnership

Bryce Button from AJA discusses their acquisition technologies used with Autodesk Smoke For Mac OS X.

Autodesk and Avid Workflows

Learn about the Avid and Autodesk Smoke For Mac OS X workflows from Avid's Angus MacKay.

New Features in Autodesk Smoke 2011 For Mac OS X

The 4Kay Story blogger Grant Kay talks about the latest features in Autodesk Smoke 2011 For Mac OS X.

Autodesk Demos: Highlights

Bill Ennis from Autodesk is having a blast with his cool 3D glasses. He also gives us a passionate recap of Autodesk's great demos at the booth.

Stig Gruman at NAB 2010

Vice president of Autodesk's Digital Entertainment Group talks about our 3D technology, the 2011 product releases and our stunning booth.

Autodesk Education and Smoke For the Mac

Autodesk Education Marketing Manager Jennifer Goldfinch talks about Autodesk Smoke on Mac 2011 tools available for educators and schools.

3D Stereoscopy Production with Autodesk

Jason Goodman of 21st Century 3D talks about his company and the future of stereoscopy.

Dolby Laboratories at Autodesk NAB 2010 Booth

Russell Allen Senior Manager Exhibitor Support explains the 3D stereoscopic technology from Dolby in the main theatre at the Autodesk booth.

Imarion and Autodesk

Marc Hamaker discusses with Imarion President Alex Olegnowicz about graphic design projects done for Autodesk, including our very first stereoscopic animation.

Autodesk Flare 2011 at NAB

Will Harris talks about the on-set creativity opportunities unleashed by Autodesk Flare 2011.

Autodesk Maya 2011 at NAB

Maya specialist Daryl Obert talks about the impressive toolset compatibility between Maya and the Creative Finishing tools, including stereoscopy, FBX camera, and Pixel Shader rendering.

Virtual Moviemaking and Stereoscopy Autodesk at NAB

Film industry visionaries talk to Autodesk about virtual moviemaking, stereoscopy and the future of filmmaking technology.

Smoke 2011 on Mac Premieres at NAB

Autodesk Smoke 2011 for Mac OS X has its trade show premiere at NAB 2010. Learn about Smoke from one of the developers.

Smoke For Mac Toolset

Ken Larue explains how an Autodesk Maya, MatchMover, and Smoke workflow can be used to integrate 3D elements into a scene, all running on Mac OS X.

Flame can do that | Bill Ennis

Bill Ennis has been working with Flame since 1993. In 1995 he joined Discreet Logic (acquired by Autodesk in 1999) and has been demoing Flame and training artists worldwide ever since. Bill is currently the AE Manager for Systems based in New York.

The 4Kay Story | Grant Kay

Grant Kay is an Editing & Effects Products Specialist for Smoke & Flame. Based in the United Kingdom which covers Europe, Middle-East and Africa, Grant has spent the past 9.5 years supporting the editing and VFX communities from within Autodesk.

Smoke essentials

These exercises are designed to teach the essential elements of Autodesk® Smoke® software running on the Mac OS X platform.

Flame essentials:

These exercises are designed to teach the essential elements of Autodesk’s powerful family of compositing and effects products including Autodesk® Flame®, Autodesk® Flint® and Autodesk® Inferno™®software. For simplicity, all modules refer to Autodesk® Flame® but will apply to all products except where noted.

Flare essentials:

These exercises are designed to teach the essential elements of Autodesk® Flare™® software.