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Come visit us: Autodesk Technical Specialists will be at the AJA Video Systems booth (#SL4420) at NAB showcasing Autodesk Smoke for Mac 2012. They will be there all four days so drop by, check it out and feel free to ask questions!

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Download these brochures:

KONA (*.pdf)
Ki Pro (*.pdf)
Ki Pro in Action (*.pdf)
Io Express (*.pdf)

AJA is a core partner for Autodesk Advanced Systems, providing the I/O muscle under Autodesk® Smoke®, Autodesk® Flame® and Autodesk® Lustre® software through the use of AJA Video systems’ OEM-2K card and robust Linux® support since 2006. The AJA hardware provides multi-format SD, HD, and 2K ingest and output in real time, across all of Autodesk’s Advanced Systems.

For Smoke on the Mac, Autodesk has certified the KONA 3 as the exclusive digital video I/O card approved to work with Smoke editorial finishing software running on the Mac OS X platform.

AJA's KI Pro provides instant access from Lens to Post when dealing with files captured directly to Apple's Pro Res codecs on set.

Check out these videos from AJA Video Systems:

AJA 2011 Showreel

Enjoy AJA's new showreel and explore all the new products and Work.Flow. options that the combination of our Acquire, Edit and Convert tools make possible. From 4K to 3D, Fiber to HDMI and so much more, AJA is your partner for powerful productivity.

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Ki Pro v2.0 firmware

Ki Pro is your Lens to Post solution for edit-ready file based workflows into Autodesk System Products.Watch this video to see how Ki Pro continues to evolve and the many workflows clients are exploring with this revolutionary product.

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Autodesk Smoke® on Mac OS® X and KONA 3

Own the creative with a combination of Autodesk Smoke on Mac and the venerable KONA 3 from AJA.

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Autodesk thanks its strategic partners. Be sure to check out the great content they have made available - Just click on the logos for each partner.