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Autodesk at NAB 2012


Intel and Autodesk: creating the extraordinary. Together their hardware and software innovations help you expand your creative capabilities, and give you an opportunity to create eye popping comprehensive visual effects almost as fast as you think of them. And the future Intel® Xeon® processor E5-product family being soon will take your creativity to new heights faster than ever before. We have not just added computational cores we are introducing an entirely new data infrastructure with new i/o technologies that accelerate the pace that data is presented to processing cores in our CPU's.

Come visit us: Autodesk Technical Specialists will be at the Intel booth (SL#12810) at NAB 2012 ready to showcase the latest Autodesk Softimage and Maya 2013 software. Here are the details

April 16 April 17 April 18 April 19
9-12: Softimage (ICE) (Mark Schoennagel) 9-12: Softimage (ICE) (Mark Schoennagel) 9-12: Softimage (ICE) (Mark Schoennagel) 10 -12: Softimage (ICE) (Mark Schoennagel)
10–11: Maya (Steven Roselle) 10–11: Maya (Steven Roselle) 10–11: Maya (Steven Roselle) 10–11: Maya (Steven Roselle)
1-3: Softimage (ICE) (Mark Schoennagel) 1-3: Softimage (ICE) (Mark Schoennagel) 1-3: Softimage (ICE) (Mark Schoennagel) 1-3: Softimage (ICE) (Mark Schoennagel)
1–2: Maya (Steven Roselle) 1–2: Maya (Steven Roselle) 1–2: Maya (Steven Roselle) 1–2: Maya (Steven Roselle)
4-6: Softimage (ICE) (Mark Schoennagel) 4-6: Softimage (ICE) (Mark Schoennagel) 4-6: Softimage (ICE) (Mark Schoennagel)
4-5: Maya (Steven Roselle) 4-5: Maya (Steven Roselle) 4-5: Maya (Steven Roselle)

With Intel® Xeon® processor based workstations you get Intel Intelligent Performance Technology. That means you are "green" when you are not pushing the limits of your creativity and you are powerful and fast when you are. Intelligent performance features include:

  • Intel® Turbo Boost technology which adapts the needs of the software and gets more performance from the processor
  • Intel® hyper threading technology which improves performance on the multi-threaded software of today and tomorrow
  • Intel® Smart Cache technology which improves performance and efficiency by increasing the probability that each execution core can access data from a higher-performance, more-efficient cache subsystem

Combined these technologies deliver the most energy efficient performance in a workstation you can find.

Whether your interest is 3D animation, video game development, digital media workflow and integration, or middleware innovations, you can find the information, resources, and opportunities you're looking for right here. Bookmark us today, and unleash your Visual Adrenaline!

Solutions for Performance and Productivity

Making magic on schedule and within budget *.pdf
Enabling 3D Moviemaking: Autodesk® Retools Maya® *.pdf
Visual Computing Autodesk® 3ds Max® on Next-Generation Intel® Xeon® Processor-Based Workstations *.pdf

To learn more about Intel workstation technology visit:

Developing your game for Intel® Processor Graphics? Our Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA) provide an easy-to-use suite of optimization tools for analyzing and optimizing games, media, and other graphics intensive applications. Visit the Intel® Visual Computing Source for information on Intel® GPA and other powerful software performance tools, and consider joining our Software Development Program for even more support.

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