Check out the Autodesk booth at NAB 2013 in Las Vegas or online on AREA to see the latest Autodesk Digital Entertainment Creation (DEC) solutions.
The Event runs
April 8-11, 2013


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Flame Premium 'Never Say No' (Part 1 of 4: Creative Design)
Flame Premium 'Never Say No' (Part 2 of 4: BMW Car Commercial)
Flame Premium 'Never Say No' (Part 3 of 4: Broadcast Promos)
Flame Premium 'Never Say No' (Part 4 of 4: 3D Compositing Workflow & Timeline BFX Versioning)
Autodesk® Maya® and Autodesk® Smoke® Character Animation in Broadcast
Autodesk® Smoke® In-depth Ken LaRue, Autodesk
Smoke Learning Channel Live Grant Kay, Autodesk
Autodesk® Smoke® Finally. Editing Meets Effects.
Japanese Demo
Autodesk® Flame® Premium The Next Generation
3ds Max virtual workstations on the NVIDIA Grid VCA
Autodesk® 3ds Max® 5 Essentials for Mograph Artists
Autodesk® Flame® Premium User Event

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"That Post Show" Event
Guest Presentation: FIX IT IN POST Filmmaker Jeremy Hunt, Owner and Lead Artist, Screaming Death Monkey
Guest Presentation: The Making of REP 5091 Filmmaker Anthony Brownmoore, Partner and VFX Artist, Blue Spill
FCPX and Autodesk® Smoke® 2013: A Paradigm Shift in Efficiency and Workflow Yan Shvalb, Founder of Lertavu Inc.
Guest Presentation: Alt VFX Colin Renshaw, VFX Supervisor, and Urs Furrer, Autodesk Flame Artist Presents: Editing in Autodesk® Smoke® Special Guest: Brian Mulligan, Senior Editor, WHTR-TV
Guest Presentation: Evolution of an Artist Vico Sharabani, ECD/CEO, The Artery VFX
Guest Presentation: Hero Punk Kanen Flowers, Creative Director, Scruffy TV

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Kojo's Marty Pepper: the evolution of Flame Premium
Lyne Lepage: Learning Autodesk® Flame® Premium 20th Anniversary Edition
Cedric Lejeune, Workflowers: Color management and Autodesk Flame Premium
HP and Autodesk: What's new at NAB?
Alt VFX at on the Autodesk® Entertainment Creation Suite and Flame® Premium
Vico Sharabani of Artery VFX Autodesk® Flame® Premium
Autodesk Smoke Signals: Episode 15
Autodesk® Flame® Premium: Meet the Product Designers
Taking a Project from A to Z in Flame Premium (Grading)
Taking a Project from A to Z in Flame Premium (EDITING)
Taking a Project from A to Z in Flame Premium (Visual Effects)

Flame award

Flame Award
To celebrate the achievements of all the amazing Flame artists who have advanced VFX creation over the past 20 years, Autodesk will present the Flame Award.
Nominated and voted on by you, Autodesk staff, and a special Flame advisory board, the Flame Award will be presented to the ultimate Flame artist.
This is an artist who has demonstrated a high level of creativity, originality, community involvement, and dedication to advancing the art and science of visual effects creation through the skilled use of Flame.

Nominate a Flame artist now!


Welcome to Autodesk's Virtual NAB Press Room pre-show page. During NAB, you will be able access all of the resources available to journalists attending the conference. Access Press Room


Autodesk thanks its strategic partners. Be sure to check out the great content they have made available. Just click on the logos of each partner.
Anthony Brownmoore
Short Bio
Anthony is a Smoke and Flame artist in London, with over ten years' experience in visual effects and post production. He has worked on a range of long and short form, from vfxing international advertising campaigns, including British Gas, The Times, Carlsberg and Argos to on-lining features. In 2011 he was recognised for his significant contribution to the award winning Sunday Times Rich List campaign, picking up four British Arrow awards as Director. His latest venture is vfx supervising and leading on short film, Rep 5901, which was bought to life on his own Smoke 2013. Along with acclaimed motion designer, Allison Brownmoore, they have launched vfx/motion design studio, Blue Spill, and are currently setting up shop in London.
Brian Mulligan
Short Bio
Brian Mulligan is a multi-award winning editor, and has a strong commitment to his craft and to broadcast television. Local broadcast television reflects and influences the ideals of a community and for the past 20 years, Brian has helped shape the on-air television culture at WTHR-TV in Indianapolis where his work is seen by 1.2 million households every day. Being a broadcast editor often means you are an editor, producer, writer, & graphic designer. His main tool is Autodesk Smoke, and has been a Smoke editor/artist since 2003. So, he is ready to handle any creative task that comes his way.

Brian believes that completely understanding your creative tools is the key to using them creatively, efficiently, and effectively.
Jeremy Hunt
Short Bio
Owner of Screaming Death Monkey Special FX
Jeremy Hunt is an Emmy nominated visual effects artist and sometimes director with credits spanning 17 years. Jeremy is probably best known as the co-creator of "405," widely credited as the internet's first viral video. He is also the Director and Special Effects Lead for fIX IT IN POST.
Vico Sharabani
Short Bio
Formerly a partner at rhinofx for 12 years, Vico's portfolio includes commercials for Fortune 500 companies such as Nike, Mercedes, and AT&T, music-videos for Coldplay/Rihanna, KanYe West, and work for Sex & The City to name a few projects. Autodesk describes Vico as 'legendary' for his Flame work. Servicing the advertising and entertainment industries for over 23 years, Vico is involved in the project management across Creative, Production, and Technical endeavors. He is also involved with the TEDcommunity 'Ads Worth Spreading' and TEDxEast.
Kanen Flowers
Short Bio
Kanen is the Creative Director (and troublemaker) behind Scruffy.TV, which includes That Post Show. Scruffy Thinking, Scruffy Shows and HERO PUNK. He is also the Writer and Director of Jake Forgotten. You can follow him on twitter, and check out his latest: The Dark Knight Descends.
Colin Renshaw
Short Bio
VFX Supervisor
Flame artist and VFX Supervisor, Colin Renshaw cofounded Alt so he could indulge his ego and maniacal obsession with making cool work.
Urs Furrer
Short Bio
Flame Artist
Internationally awarded Flame artist Urs Furrer likes creative collaboration, learning new tricks, figuring out that it can be done and takes his coffee without sugar.