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Deron Hoffmeyer

Short Bio

Senior Flame Artist for Method Studios
With 17 years of experience in the post-production industry, Deron Hoffmeyer has worn many hats from Motion Graphics Artist and 3D Animator to his current role as Senior Flame Artist for Method Studios in Atlanta. He loves what he does and keeps busy with a variety of creative tasks including VFX compositing, commercial finishing, and on-set VFX supervision. Method Studios
Bob George

Short Bio

VFX Artist / Owner
Bob George has been with Drive Thru for 20 years and started as a Commercial Director/DP. He started to offline/online and do his own effects in the spots he directed. He later purchased a Smoke/Flame combo to further enhance the VFX work done by Drive Thru. Now the directing has been replaced by on set VFX supervision, Flame work and all the responsibilities of running a boutique Post Production facility.
Steven Wren

Short Bio

Producer for StandardVision
Wren's involvement with StandardVision predates the formation of the company. As in-house producer he has produced projects for clients such as Disney, Saatchi & Saatchi, Warner Brothers, RCA Label Group, Sony BMG, Tandberg/Ericsson, Fox Sports, CMT and BET. He supervised the media content production on City of Dreams in Macau (2010) the Taman Anggrek installation in Jakarta (2012) and most recently the Beirut Souks Cinemacity project (2014).​
Josh VanBlankenship

Short Bio

Design Manager for StandardVision
Collapsing his interests in both the built architectural environment and our increasingly layered relationship to urban-media, Josh Van Blankenship has been happy to find a creative home leading the Design & Engineering team at StandardVision. His background in large scale architecture projects combined with a passion for the urban potential of well designed media environments has helped StandardVision meet the challenges of designing, manufacturing and implementing custom turn-key media installations around the world.​

Stuart Penn

Short Bio

As CG Sequence Supervisor on Gravity, Stuart was there right from the beginning helping develop the techniques needed to shoot zero gravity scenes, working with motion control robots and the innovative LED lighting stage know as the lightbox. Once back at Framestore he was one of the film's lighting leads. He has also worked on James Cameron's Avatar, Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight and the VFX Oscar-winning Golden Compass.

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Mark Glasser

Short Bio

After a role as Digital Artist and Animator for "Robocop: The Series" in Canada, Mark came to the U.S. as a freelance Digital Supervisor/Artist. It was during this time that he formed a relationship with a group of other industry pioneers at Steven Spielberg's Amblin Imaging. Together with five other Amblin alumni, Mark helped form a new creative division at Digital Domain. Focusing mainly on commercial productions, his work on a 60 second Nike Tennis spot with Andre Agassi won him a Clio and an AICP award for Best Digital Animation.

In the beginning of 2002 Mark founded SWAY studio, a creative and technology driven digital production company. SWAY was committed to developing new technologies and techniques that furthered the use of CG not merely for adding post effects but a filmmaking medium in its own right. The company had a strong reputation for all CG photo-real visuals, particularly in automotive work. Mark's innovation, the Drive-A-TronTM driving simulator, developed over 5 years, was a key component in their leading capabilities. It allowed the company to generate photo-real physics based vehicle animation in real-time.

Mark currently works as a Creative Director at Big Block where he has directed projects for National Geographic, BMW, Ford, GM and Subaru. For more information on Big Block visit

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Creative Director - Flavor
Logik Group after hours at the Flame After Hours Logik Event for a chance to hang out with members of the Flame Community and learn more about Matchbox, the GLSL shader creator in Flame! Special guests from the Flame community and Autodesk will talk about the latest Matchbox developments and how it can help in your day-to-day work.

Event Details:

Tuesday, April 8th, 5:30pm-7:30pm PST
Las Vegas Convention Center
Autodesk Booth SL #3319

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Aaron Esterling

Short Bio

Aaron Esterling joined Drive Thru while he was still studying at the Art Institute of Minneapolis and has been a part of the Drive Thru team for 5 years. Aaron worked as an intern at Drive Thru while in school and has worked his way up over the years to become a full-time Flame Assistant, working on Flare. He is not only a talented graphics artist but he is also gifted in his knowledge of technology. Aaron has been an invaluable asset to Drive Thru and has helped build the technology and refine workflows to make them what they are today.​

Derek Johnson

Short Bio

Derek Johnson has been with Drive Thru for the past 5 years. He joined the company as a Smoke Artist, and quickly embraced the Flame toolset to enhance the finishing capabilities he needs to stay competitive today. He has worked on commercial projects for brands such as Honda, Subaru, Target, Harley-Davidson, Coca-Cola, Citibank, United Airlines among others. Derek is a gifted Flame Artist, has an amazing sense of attention to detail and continues to adapt to the ever evolving technology that artists face today. Derek's career began before working at Drive Thru with a job in the back room duplication department almost 19 years ago where he worked his way up to being a full-time Smoke Artist.​

Fred Ruff

Short Bio

With almost 20 years of experience in computer graphics, Fred has done everything from visual effects, to game and software development. He started in his home of New York doing broadcast graphics for networks like USA and the Sci-Fi channel. Later he found himself in California where we worked at Crystal Dynamics developing 3d art and animation for 3D game systems like the Playstation. When it comes to 3D graphics Fred wrote the book on it, better yet, he helped design it. Serving as lead product designer at Autodesk, Fred help to shape the features and feel of one of the most popular 3d graphics software, 3ds Max. During his time at Autodesk, time he traveled the world talking with customers from Australia to California, helping them to improve their production pipelines and 3D toolsets. He then went on to design a next generation software for Autodesk before leaving in 2005. Now making his home in Portland Oregon, Fred built the CG department at a local stop motion studio before breaking off on his own and starting the Refuge in 2013. Fred speaks on the topic of VFX and 3D animation often, and serves on the advisory board for Turbosquid, the world's leading 3D model marketplace.​