Autodesk Character Generator

Create custom and ready-to-animate 3D characters with Character Generator, an easy-to-use, web-based 3D character creator.

What is Autodesk Character Generator?

Drastically reduce the time needed to create customized, rigged and ready-to-animate 3D characters with Autodesk® Character Generator; a new, easy-to-use, web-based service. With Character Generator, users have control over a character’s body, face, clothes and hair, and can then generate their customized character for use in popular animation packages: Autodesk® Maya® and Autodesk® 3ds Max® software as well as in game engines like Unity. Generated characters can be used in hobbyist,  student, and commercial projects such as games, architectural visualizations as well as film and TV projects.  

New: Higher quality source characters

New male and female character options provide improved anatomical accuracy and higher-quality textures

New: Export options control

Set targeted options when exporting to individual or multiple content creation tools such as Maya, 3ds Max as well as Unity to optimize your character generation settings for the destination software

New: Cloth and hair variant selection

Access a more intuitive workflow when choosing clothing and hair variations

Blend between two source characters

Choose two source characters from a library of male, female and “fantasy” ancestor models to globally blend between and create your desired character.

Fine-tune individual features with targeted blending 

Refine your characters on a per feature basis by individually blending areas from the two ancestor models such as chin, cheek, chest, arms or stomach, or by specifying different characters, per feature.

Skin, Eye and Hair control

Select from a number of skin, eye and hair styles to even-further customize the look of your character.

A range of customizable clothing and shoe styles

Enhance the aesthetic of your character by choosing from a number of coordinated and mix-and-match clothing options. Additionally, manipulate the color and texture of certain clothing items to help further customize your character’s look. 

Use Artistic Styles to add flair to your characters

Use predetermined artistic styles to add a particular look-and-feel to your characters. 

Save your character’s ‘DNA’

Go back and modify saved characters at a later date to complete a character design or to repurpose your existing work to create an entirely new character. 

Generate characters ready for animation

Choose from a selection of body rigs to quickly move into the animation phase with your custom 3D character.  The existing body rigs can be used for either keyframe or motion-capture animation in your Autodesk 3D software of choice, and are Autodesk® HumanIK® middleware compatible.  Additionally, choose between bone or blend-shape facial rigs to generate characters ready for facial animation. 

Choose your Level of Detail (LOD)

Whether you want to generate a lightweight crowd or collision mesh, or a high-res model, Character Generator allows you to select one or more LOD for your character.

Generate your character as a FBX or Maya file

Once your character design is complete, you can generate your character, now ready to animate, in either the FBX or Maya file format. You can even generate FBX that is specifically intended for 3ds Max or Unity.

Character Generator Free vs. Paid Features

Autodesk Character Generator is a free service, although some features are only accessible with Cloud Credits, consult the table below for more information:

  Free Paid
Access to the entire standard character catalog, including: ancestors, face, skin, eyes, hair, body shapes, and clothing  
Access to character customization tools  
Access to artistic styles, examples: Gorn or Bulk  
New: Access to character options with improved anatomical accuracy and higher-quality textures  
New: Ability to set targeted options when exporting to multiple content creation tools  
New: Ability to get more intuitive workflow when choosing clothing and hair variations  
Ability to generate low quality models for export in Autodesk® Maya® and Autodesk® FBX® file formats  
Ability to generate characters with HumanIK  body rig  
Ability to generate textures  
Ability to generate medium  or high quality models for export in Maya and FBX file formats  
Facial expressions, including: blend shapes and bone rigs