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Autodesk® Maya LT 2015

Making 3D indie games is easier than ever


Autodesk® Maya LT 2015 is a cost-effective 3D animation and modeling software built for professional indie game makers. With a proven set of 3D tools, Maya LT empowers you to realize the full creative potential of your game design. 

New Features in Extension 2 for Maya LT 2015

Send to Unreal

Send to Unreal lets artists export content from Maya LT directly to an Unreal 4 project. Exporting with Send to Unreal lets artists bring geometry to Unreal 4 with no polygonal restrictions.

Send to Mudbox

Send to Mudbox in Maya LT lets artists send geometry from Maya LT directly to Mudbox, where they can add high levels of sculpted and painted detail directly on the model. Texture maps extracted from Mudbox can then be reapplied to the model in Maya LT, creating a higher level of visual detail without adding geometry.

Color Management

Maya LT 2015 Extension 2 delivers a completely new color management system that offers more accurate color reproduction within certain Maya LT windows. The color management system provides a simple linear workflow out of the box, or can be customized to achieve a particular result.

Improved Game Exporter

The Game Exporter tool added in Maya LT 2015 Extension 1 is improved in Extension 2. You can now save export presets so they can be applied to other exported files, helping maintain a consistent library of 3D content. There are now separate tabs for managing model or animation export, and you can now add animations in the middle of your clip list. Users can also set Maya LT to automatically open the exported asset in FBX Review for immediate verification of artistic integrity.

Improved FBX ShaderFX Workflow

With an updated version of the FBX plug-in included, ShaderFX materials can now be preserved in FBX files exported from Maya LT.

Modeling and Workflow Enhancements

Everyday modeling tasks are now more efficient thanks to a number of general workflow enhancements identified as high priority by existing customers:

  • expanded wireframe color choice
  • a per-menu keyboard shortcut to repeat the last command
  • object visibility toggling
  • color coding in the Channel Box to reflect various key states
  • enhancements to the Multi-Cut tool
  • further integration of the Modeling Toolkit
  • new custom pivot workflows

New Features in Extension 1 for Maya LT 2015

Game Export Tool

The new Game Export Tool is designed to make exporting game models and animations much faster and simpler for indie game makers. The tool preserves export settings and Sets of objects in the Maya LT file format. When the file is re-opened and tweaks are made, the preserved settings allow the new version to be exported much quicker. Now, you can can also define multiple animation clips within a single Maya LT file by naming them and defining start/stop frames. When exporting the animations, you can choose to export each clip into a separate FBX file, or have all the animation clips exported into a single FBX file as multiple FBX Takes. Each animation clip can also be viewed and edited in isolation within Maya LT, making the review and iteration processes much smoother.

Set Driven Key

New Set Driven Key functionality in Maya LT lets you drive animated motion in one part of a scene through another object in the scene. This makes it easier to set up complex animations, or add more detail to your character animations very consistently, without having to repeat the same set of steps many times.

Rigging Utility Node

With the Rigging Utility Node, artists and animators can exercise a much deeper level of control on rigs and animations. The node lets you create mathematical relationships between scene objects to refine the magnitude that one object has on another, and makes it easier for you to use auto-generated character rigs.

New Features in Maya LT 2015

Cloud Integration

Integrations with Dropbox, Autodesk® 360, and Autodesk® 123D apps make it easier to share game assets with your team through the cloud. Maya LT 2015 now lets you browse and open files in certain cloud services directly through the Maya LT interface, making it easier to import 3D assets. Built-in access to Dropbox and Autodesk® 360 let you open, modify, and save files back to the cloud. Using the Autodesk 123D® cloud storage service, you can now also grab models created in 123D® Catch or 123D® Creature and use them as a starting point to make your game assets.

New UV Editing Tools

You can now create UV maps from your 3D models quickly and easily with the new Unfold3D integration. Use the automated unfolding algorithms or define your own UV seams using intuitive selection tools within the viewport. Efficient UV unfolding algorithms allow you to see the results and make adjustments quickly, and color-coded or checkerboard visual feedback systems make it easy to identify problem areas on your UV map. So, even if you're new to 3D modeling, you'll be able to create optimal UV maps.

Substance Material Integration

Apply model materials created in the Allegorithmic Substance Designer procedural texture creation tool directly to models in Maya LT. Once materials are applied, easily adjust their parameters in the attribute editor for fine tuning, and see the results on your model in real-time. The Maya LT viewport displays the Substance materials as they will appear in supported engines, helping you make artistic decisions based on accurate previews.

Walk Tool

Easily navigate the Maya LT Viewport by using your mouse and the WASD keys to move the perspective camera through your scene, just like in a first-person game.

Geodesic Voxel Binding

Bind 3D model geometry to joint skeletons in just a few clicks using the new Geodesic Voxel Binding algorithm. This new skin binding tool can handle highly complex or less-than-perfect geometry, and requires far less cleanup than traditional methods.

Texture Deformer

The new texture deformation tool enables displacing model geometry based on user-defined textures. You can now deform your geometry by painting a texture map that assigns height values, which displaces the model mesh.

New Support for MEL Scripting

Reduce the time you spend on repetitive and complex tasks with MEL script. The built-in Script Editor eliminates manual coding and makes learning MEL easier by displaying scripts that correspond with any action taken within Maya LT. Scripts can be saved into buttons and hotkeys to quickly achieve a desired result.

Enhanced Character Animation Tools

Take advantage of an improved workflow for animating characters in Maya LT. Create IK on a bone structure with the new IK handle and Pole Vector constraint, and build a symmetric human skeleton in less time by mirroring the HumanIK skeletal rig. In addition, the new animation re-targeting tool lets you animate and transfer information between characters faster.

New OBJ Export

Now you can export your 3D assets from Maya LT in the OBJ file format. OBJ export gives you the flexibility to use content created in Maya LT with a greater variety of tools and game engines.

Send to Unity FBX Export

Use Autodesk® FBX® to simplify moving 3D content from Maya LT into Unity. An improved workflow between Maya LT and Unity lets you export 3D assets with unlimited polygonal resolution from Maya LT directly into a target Unity project folder. For other game engines, you can now export models and environments with up to 65,000 polygons in the FBX format.

Modeling Improvements

Streamline your modeling workflow with a new retopology toolset and better Booleans. The new retopology toolset adds a Relax and Tweak feature with Soft Selection to the Quad Draw tool, and a new interactive Edge Extend tool. A powerful new library enables faster, more reliable Boolean operations on polygon geometry.

Key Features

Efficient Workflows

 Get started quickly with tools that fit into your game creation workflow.

  • Bake high-res to low-res texture maps (normal, displacement, and lighting)
  • Create images for sprite sheets for 2D game pipelines
  • Built-in custom export to Unity engine
  • MEL scripting to help automate and simplify repetitive parts of your workflow
  • Import 3D asset formats: Maya (.ma, .mb), Maya LT (.mlt), .obj, .fbx, .ai, .eps
  • Export 3D assets in .fbx, .obj and .mlt formats

Modeling Tools

Create 3D character and environment models using powerful and intuitive modeling tools.

  • Create 3D assets with polygonal, NURBS, and subdivision surface modeling tools
  • Optimize content for mobile devices with polygon reduction, data cleanup, blind data tagging, and level-of-detail tools
  • Make precise edits to your model with true soft selection and soft modification
  • Transfer UV, color-per-vertex, and vertex position information between polygon meshes of differing topologies


Create surface materials for your 3D models with user-friendly tools that are designed to help new and non-technical artists create UVs, textures, and shaders with visual feedback systems.

  • Use advanced game material effects: crack-free tessellation, vector displacement maps, translucence, reflections, and image-based lighting
  • Access a variety of texturing tools: UV creation and editing, auto-projection, interactive relaxation, layout UVs, lattice modification, and smudge
  • Take advantage of multiple UV set support in Maya LT. For example, use different UV sets for diffuse and lighting to achieve higher quality baked lighting
  • Use multiple vertex color sets for baked pre-lighting
  • Create custom surface shading with user-defined normals

Lighting and Texture Baking

Simulate realistic lighting for your games using built-in global illumination and texture baking tools.

  • Bake texture maps from highly detailed models to lower polygon models: normal, occlusion, displacement, lighting, shadows
  • Create realistic global illumination for game levels
  • Bake illumination into texture maps and vertex maps

Animation Tools

Bring your game characters and environments to life with industry-standard animation tools based on the advanced MotionBuilder and HumanIK animation systems.

  • Automatically generate bipedal skeletons with interactive editing
  • Use the HumanIK solver to create full-body inverse kinematic character skeletons
  • Create keyframe animations with a broad range of tools
  • Fine-tune motion animation directly in the viewport with editable motion trails and trajectories
  • Animation retargeting helps re-use animations across game characters with similar proportions

Viewport Previews

Build 3D models in an environment that closely displays assets as they appear in-game, and gives near real-time previews as you make changes to UVs, textures, and game shaders.

  • Access powerful Microsoft® DirectX® 11 graphics directly in the viewport
  • View assets in the viewport using HLSL, GLSL or CgFX shaders
  • View assets with higher quality lighting and shadows
  • Take advantage of a variety of effects: ambient occlusion, depth of field, anti-aliasing, and alpha channel support, high quality lighting and shadows