Announcing Autodesk® Showcase® 2013

Autodesk® Showcase® 2015 software provides easy-to-use presentation and design exploration tools that enable architects, designers, and engineers to quickly transform digital designs into interactive walk-throughs and design reviews.

New Features

Autodesk® Showcase® 2013 software provides easy-to-use presentation and design exploration tools for architects, designers, engineers, and marketing professionals. With Showcase, users can quickly transform 3D models into interactive walk-throughs and presentations, making it easier to evaluate aesthetic and design alternatives in real time with their peers, constituents, and customers.

New Features in Autodesk Showcase 2013:

  • Support for Multiple Inventor Constraints

Showcase software’s new support for multiple constraints makes it a great Inventor companion tool for quickly generating slick push-button animations based on Inventor constraints.

  • Design Suite Workflows

Directly open Showcase from Inventor, AutoCAD, and Revit software products to quickly create a Showcase concept presentation, an animation from Inventor constraints, or a realistic presentation, with materials preserved.

In addition, Showcase has adopted all navigation hotkeys and behaviors of Revit, Inventor, and AutoCAD.

  • Support Your AutoCAD Xref and AutoCAD Object Enablers

Showcase 2013 supports AutoCAD Xref, AutoCAD object enablers from AutoCAD® MEP and AutoCAD® Architecture software, as well as AutoCAD views imported as Showcase shots.

  • Web and Mobile Presentations

Export your Showcase stories to HTML 5 files or movies that can be published on Autodesk® 360 software. With Autodesk 360 and Showcase, you can now access your latest files and profile settings from any computer, wherever you are. In addition, Autodesk Showcase 2013 software now supports the ability to publish interactive scenes on web and mobile devices.

  • ENHANCED! Instant Visual Gratification

Showcase 2013 reaches a level of visual quality that will impress your customers. Tone Mapping has been improved, textures are presented with gamma already adjusted, and Exposure Control enables better control of the appearance of materials under various environments.

Already available in Showcase 2012, the ability to simulate ambient shadows for polygonal objects and add real-time geometry-casted shadows helps you to create highly realistic imagery.

  • Task User Interface

The new user interface provides you with a guided user experience to quickly create compelling images, movies, or interactive presentations. The key steps are:

1.      Open a file

2.      Define Lighting Environment and Background

3.      Adjust Lighting

4.      Select a Visual Style

5.      Enhance the Look / Materials

6.      Edit the Story

7.      Publish a Movie, Image, or Web Presentation

  • Movie Generation from Slides

Showcase 2013 provides a one-step generation of movie output from all, or a selection of slides.

  • Interactive Measurement (Showcase Professional only)
    • Point to point distance
    • Circle Center and Radius
    • Center to Center Distance
  • New Language Packs

Showcase 2013 and Showcase Professional now ships on a multilingual DVD: English, French, German, and Japanese, Simplified Chinese (NEW), Korean (NEW), and Russian (NEW).

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