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The time it takes to compute a high-resolution, photo-real image using typical workstations and software renderers can often be measured in hours. All too frequently, the earliest indication that “something isn’t right” doesn’t occur for 10 or 20 minutes into the process. Producing the final image gets very expensive – as you often have to render between 10 and 100 times to get the finished look.

But what if you could generate sufficient photo-real image quality in seconds? Or, what if you could render a finished frame of an animation twenty times faster than you could before? Technology disruption occurs when you can provide a magnitude (10X) or better improvement than previously accepted methods. This is exactly what is beginning to happen with rendering, and Autodesk solutions and partner technology are among the leaders in what we’re calling the "Rendering Revolution".

Autodesk® 3ds Max® and Autodesk® 3ds Max® Design software offered customers extensive rendering options, both within the software and through certain third-party applications. In addition to CPU-based approaches, 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design software have pioneered some of the sophisticated use of viewport technologies via ”game-engine” technology to help give customers the ability to fine-tune their rendered images using the viewport as a preview.

The Rendering Revolution is just underway, and Autodesk is leading this effort by making sure customers have broad access to cutting-edge technology. Autodesk 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design versions 2009 and higher have become the rendering platforms of choice for many third parties. Click on any of the logos below to learn about how Autodesk and certain third-party technology partners are developing rendering technology for 3ds Max, 3ds Max Design, and Autodesk® Showcase® software.

V-Ray Thumbnail

V-Ray enables quick previews of images. Chaos Group has also demonstrated using the GPU to generate a 10-20x speed improvement over the CPU version.

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Shaderlight Thumbnail

Integrated with 3ds Max, Shaderlight focuses on intelligent updating of the finished image and fast previews.

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finalRender Thumbnail

finalRender Stage-R3.0 for 3ds Max leverages a special FPGA board to dramatically reduce render times.

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Showcase Thumbnail

Autodesk Showcase visualization software has an interactive rendering application based on game technology and an interactive ray-tracer with progressive rendering.

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iray Thumbnail

A new path-tracing approach, Iray leverages the GPU to help deliver physically accurate rendering with zero setup. Iray is an example of a progressive renderer that helps delivers results in seconds, not minutes.

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quicksilver Thumbnail

Quicksilver is a new GPU-based rendering system in 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design 2011.  The goal with Quicksilver is to give you a better tool than viewport capture but not replace existing production rendering solutions.

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