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SIGGRAPH 2011 is now over… but there’s still lots to see here on AREA. If you missed any of the content streamed live during the show, be sure to check out the “on-demand” material below.
Watch product demos, feature stories, guest presentations and MasterClasses on demand. Videos will be added every day!

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Pictures from the show floor

Join the Autodesk Twitter Challenge at SIGGRAPH 2011 Vancouver

Starting on August 9th, take part in an online and onsite scavenger hunt. Stay tuned to the Autodesk M&E Twitter page where we will post your assignments. Autodesk Points will be alloted for each task, with extra points going to the quickest participant, so be sure to check back often.

To show your participation in the challenge, retweet the Autodesk Twitter Challenge message that will be sent out on August 8th. Then, in order to ensure your points are counted, reply to the initial assignment Tweets with the answer or a pic as well as the hashtag #adskpoints.

At the end of the day, Autodesk Points will be tallied and the two highest takers will win an amazing grand prize. There will also be giveaways for completing individual tasks and community members who show the most enthusiasm, so get your Twitter fingers ready.

Follow Autodesk M&E on Twitter to take part in this community challenge and get ready to test your knowledge, speed and commitment to do ANYTHING for your love of Autodesk (and fun prizes, of course). ​

Sketch. Contribute. Gloat.
Check original Sketchbook created character design, concept art, storyboards, costume design, or matte painting presented at the Autodesk booth at SIGGRAPH while simultaneously hosted online on AREA.
Education & Training at SIGGRAPH 2011
We are hosting several events this year for students, educators and professionals. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about Autodesk 3D animation tools. Please visit the following page and find all the information you need to know about our Autodesk Student Experience Event, Education Summit, Certification Lab and Training opportunities at SIGGRAPH 2011. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to network with like-minded students, professionals and industry leaders during SIGGRAPH 2011.

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Autodesk Tech Talk: Multi-Threaded 2D Renderer Design
Rendering real-time high-quality 2D vector graphics through a 3D pipeline is a challenging task, requiring custom algorithms for shape tessellation, edge anti-aliasing and text rendering. For best performance, Scaleform 2D renderer includes optimizations such as multi-threaded rendering, mesh caching and draw-primitive batching. Following a high-level design description, this talk dives into multi-threaded rendering, introducing a novel render tree design that allows the both threads to access scene graph nodes simultaneously, greatly reducing copy overhead. The strategy described is particularly effective when only a subset of nodes is modified every frame and can be applied to any real-time rendering engine.
Autodesk Tech Talk
Multi-Threaded 2D Renderer Design
Wed Aug 10th
12:45pm – 1:45pm PST
reception from 5:30pm-7pm PST
Exhibit Floor, Booth# 801
Welcome to Autodesk's Virtual SIGGRAPH Press Room. Here you can access all of the resources available to journalists attending the conference.

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