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Image courtesy of Assembly Studios.

Join us at Autodesk University 2017

The conference for those who design and make the world around us.

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Wakes, crowds, and destruction: Game of Thrones Season 7

told by Mackevision's Heiko Burkardsmaier and Christian Zilliken

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Incredible Power. Unbeatable Value.

Get the power of Maya, 3ds Max, Sketchbook and 5 licenses of Arnold.

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Image courtesy of Amir Cherni

October Artist of the Month

Meet Amir Cherni AREA's Artist of the Month.

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Customer Story
Wakes, crowds, and destruction: Game of Thrones...
Mackevision share what it was like working on the latest season of the HBO series, walking us through their use of Shotgun, 3ds Max, and for the first time,...
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Blog Post
Introducing 3ds Max 2018 Update 3
3ds Max Update 3 is all about you, the community: it includes one of our most highly user-requested features.
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Creating MASH effects: Audio Tunnel
In this tutorial, we show you how to create a tunnel of cubes that pulses to the sound of music (like you might see in a music video or credit sequence).
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Blog Post
Animation retargeting using Maya (Part Two)
As I continue working on my AR project, I present part two of a two-part tutorial on how to get mocap data onto a character using Maya’s powerful retargeting...
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Tutorial Series
The Basics of Shotgun for Project Management
In this series, you'll learn how artists, producers, managers, and you can use Shotgun to organize projects and keep track of anything created as part of those...
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Customer Story
GameDev Ep. 45 - RealtimeUK's Game Cinematics...
Matthew chats with Chris Scubli of RealtimeUK about his day to day as a cinematics finishing artist.
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Blog Post
Adapting to a new reality: Saint George Studio...
James Senade and Bastien Harispe at Saint George Studio discuss their background in VR, their work on "Alteration," and the future of virtual reality.
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