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Cinesite on "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them"

Enchanted clothes horses, animated dresses, magical tables and flying strudel: Cinesite VFX Supe, Andy Morley dishes on how his team served up that eyeful of a dinner sequence in "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them."

Watch: Journey to VR: The Molecule NY Interview

Journey to VR | Autodesk's Daryl Obert visits Chris Healer, CEO at The Molecule, makers of INVISIBLE, VR’s first scripted series.

2016 in review: Your favorite blockbuster stories

Stop motion samurai, virtual jungles, aliens (and more aliens), and those very peculiar children...2016 was another BIG year for blockbusters made by the most creative minds out there!

Louis Morin on the realities of "Arrival"

Production VFX Supe Louis Morin discusses the realities of making "Arrival" – the creative approaches and committed teams, the gut feelings and happy accidents, and of course, those understated and elegant photo-real effects.

The Molecule on 'Invisible': VR's first scripted series sheds new light on the medium's unknowns

Chris Healer of The Molecule on how director Doug Liman's scripted VR series marks the first attempt at using virtual reality as an episodic-friendly, storytelling format while challenging VR truths.

25 years of evolutionary VFX: Hybride Technologies + Flame

Hybride Technologies (a Ubisoft division) are celebrating 25 years of creating VFX for television and film. We asked President, Pierre Raymond, to reflect on their earliest days, landmark jobs, and more.

Rockstar on the making of KNGDM

VIDEO | Watch Autodesk's Laurence Cymet introduce Maya for Motion Graphics, then Rockstar's Eugene Riecansky discuss the making of “KNGDM,” his rockin' CG film made with Maya’s new motion graphics toolset.

How Nice Shoes made surreal happen in Pink’s “Just Like Fire”

Realizing a dreamlike chess sequence involving 18 versions of Pink and lush, digital gardens, Director of CG, Steve Parish, reveals how he and New Shoes fearlessly took on time to make surreal happen in Pink's "Just Like Fire" music video.

Nowhere to hide: The Mill's see-through VFX in "Wide Open"

How The Mill used Maya to become the true scene stealers in Chemical Brothers' captivating, see-it-to-believe-it music video.

Lee Griggs

It's a pleasure to present Lee Griggs, our 2015 AREA Artist of the Year! Lee was voted into the top 3 during our community voting on Facebook and then chosen as the winner by our panel of judges.