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My best Flame story ever: Andy Milkis

What can come from being a Flame artist? A trip to Cape Town, a seat next to Russell Simmons, accommodations in a mansion, and a shoot on the hill where Boromir died in 'Fellowship of the Ring.'

a52 turn back time in Honda's "Yearbooks" Big Game spot

"…it was a great collaboration between Flame and Maya, both from an artist perspective and from a technical one." a52 describes the technical challenges behind turning back the hands of time in Honda's "Yearbooks" spot.

2016 in review: Your favorite Flame stories

See through dancers, multi-layered songstresses, stop-motion trysts and assorted other stranger things...Here are our most read Flame stories of 2016.

2016 in review: Your favorite blockbuster stories

Stop motion samurai, virtual jungles, aliens (and more aliens), and those very peculiar children...2016 was another BIG year for blockbusters made by the most creative minds out there!

How Gramercy Park Studios smashed expectations for Channel 5's "Big Brother" promo

Gramercy Park Studios walks us through the Channel 5 promos for "Big Brother, revealing how a variety of tricks in Flame got them from pre-vis through the final stages, with smashing results.

MPC emptied London to "Get Closer" with Bose

"Immediately, when I became involved with the Bose,"Get Closer" spot, I knew there'd be a lot of work involved. Because we’re not used to seeing those parts of London empty – ever! – any kind of work would have to be revisited several times..."

Louis Morin on the realities of "Arrival"

Production VFX Supe Louis Morin discusses the realities of making "Arrival" – the creative approaches and committed teams, the gut feelings and happy accidents, and of course, those understated and elegant photo-real effects.

The sport and real-time drama of broadcast promos

David Klinkowize takes us inside the sport and real-time drama of real-time broadcast promos—and shares how he and his team at Reveal 42 avoid injury or upset along the way.

25 years of evolutionary VFX: Hybride Technologies + Flame

Hybride Technologies (a Ubisoft division) are celebrating 25 years of creating VFX for television and film. We asked President, Pierre Raymond, to reflect on their earliest days, landmark jobs, and more.

5 truths of a Flame artist working in a big shop

Curious what life is like for a Flame Artist working at a multi-national outfit like MPC? Bruno Fukumothi, VFX Supervisor/Lead Flame Artist at MPC London provides a glimpse behind the curtain.