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Taking Virtual Reality to Medicine

Discover how Elara Systems is using 3ds Max to make waves with virtual reality in medicine.

Project CARS: 5 Things You Didn’t Know

We talked with the folks at Slightly Mad Studios and came across these exciting gems on the development of Project CARS.

Crossing Over to VR

We talked to 3 developers about their path to VR.

Fantastic Contraption: Browser to Virtual Reality

In 2008, Colin Northway made a Flash game that would leave millions of players slouched over their computer screens building contraptions. In 2016, the game finds its right fit in the world of virtual reality. Fantastic Contraption inserts you into a whimsical world where you build life-sized contraptions to complete each puzzle. We talked to Lindsay Jurgensen of Radial Games about moving this physically-based game from browser to VR.

Q&A with Mighty Coconut

Founded in 2014 as a creative shop specializing in animation, Austin-based Mighty Coconut has grown into a full-fledged media company that produces original content as well as visual effects, motion graphics and VR content for clients across the film, television and games industries.

Assembly Studios: 24 King William Street

Guest point of view from Jon Wells and Vaida Jaugiene, Partner and Senior CG Artist respectively, from Assembly Studios in London, UK.

FKD Studio: Giving life to Yarra One

Guest point of view from Dave Fraher, Nick King, and Ben Rappell from FKD Studios.

PART II: Racing Forward

We talked to developers behind Project CARS 2 to learn about making the move into virtual reality.

Neoscape: Build it, experience it, believe it in VR

Neoscape has been around since 1995 with studios in Boston, New York and San Francisco. We are a group of artists, filmmakers, designers, and programmers who love to tell compelling, visual stories that convey complex and visionary ideas.

The American Dream

Australian indie devs, Samurai Punk about creating this unique VR shooter, jumping over VR hurdles, and discovering their studio’s mission in the world of games.