3D Tracking to Stabilize

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Hello Flame World! 

Thanks again for the encouragement!  It's great to know that the community on The Area is growing (and watching).  With that, here is the introduction to the next video:

Have you ever wanted to work with a shot but the hand held camera movement was too distracting?  This next technique will help you take any camera movement and smooth it out so that you can focus on the subject not the camera.

Victor Wolensky is a compositing magician!  When I first met Victor at E3 Post in Washington, D.C. I was a bit intimidated because he has such a great reputation in the industry as an expert in so many different software applications, including Autodesk 3ds Max.   But the old saying "the bigger they are the nicer they are" really applies to him.  Even though Victor has only been working with Flame a relatively short time, he is able to conceive of some amazing solutions to everyday problems using Flame.  When he showed me this next technique I was blown away!  I hope you enjoy the video.


Here are the original video clips so that you can better see the Before and After results:

Original Pool Shot:

Stabilized Pool Shot:

Victor Wolensky's 3D Text Version:

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| 3 years ago
the linked videos don't play. Have they been taken down? Do you have a working link to the videos?
Edited by vksOsZde 3 years ago
| 8 years ago
Thank you very much. Great solution too.
| 9 years ago
Bill I miss new tutorials from you... keepin busy i guess. Siggraph coverage on the Area is awesome!
| 10 years ago
Hey Ivar! I added the original clips here to show the Before and After results. Hopefully you can see a bit better. Happy New Year to you and Sebastian Gohs!!! Best, Bill
| 10 years ago
Thanks for the comments, I actually sort of discovered this trying to answer some questions of my tracking students. Syntheyes is doing this kind of stabilization for years now, and in one of my PFtrack classes, one of my students asked me if there was a way to do the same kind of 3D stabilization than Syntheyes was doing but using PFtrack, so I checked how Syntheyes was doing it, and did the same using PFtrack and 3DS MAX, then I thought that doing it in Flame could be much faster, becuase in MAX was a real slow render and had to use tons of polygons to get a good result. So, this was the result of that.
| 10 years ago
Great tip indeed ! Thanks for taking the time to share it !
| 10 years ago
so cool! Thanks a lot of you!
| 10 years ago
Thanks for the tip/tutorial... Flame ingenuity never ceases to amaze.
| 10 years ago
thats is the exact tip i post to Flame News and my website back in August of '08, which was adapted from a technique my buddy Jay Frankenberger developed in Nuke. http://instinctual.tv/instinctual/flame_tips/Entries/2008/8/31_Automatic_3D_stabilize_in_flame..html
Edited by hNcb08SU 10 years ago
| 10 years ago
Fantastic! thanks so much for these videos... really eye opening.!
| 10 years ago
Very nice tut. Wow.
| 10 years ago
Thx Bill for sharing that and thx Victor for finding it out... would it be possible that we get a downloadable version of those hints/tricks/tutorial sessions ? judging Stabilized Footage with streaming flash video isn't fun ;) this would be to cool ! tHx. ?./ivar
| 10 years ago
Yea for Bill. And a shout out to Victor as well.
| 10 years ago
Wow, Great Tip. We gotta hook up, Pinkel Out.
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