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Flame (Premium) Can Do That

I’m happy to present a series of videos talking about Flame Premium aimed at current Flame and Smoke Advanced artists. I call this series “Something for Everyone” because if you’re thinking about cross-grading to Flame Premium – or just want to know more about how it works, you gotta check these out. I worked with my old friend Marc Hamaker to put the videos together with the goal of introducing the benefits of Flame Premium in familiar terms.

If you’re not familiar with Flame Premium - it combines Flame, Smoke Advanced and Lustre as a single license on one workstation. The idea is to combine the power of Flame for 3D visual effects with Lustre for real-time color grading. With Flame Premium, artists have access to our best finishing tools in the suite and can work with color at any point in the process while efficiently sharing media.

For both Flame and Smoke Advanced artists, Flame Premium is a great way to take your creativity to the next level with access to end-to-end finishing tools on a single system. Most significantly, Flame Premium lets you add real-time color grading skills to your creative offerings. Let’s face it – Flame and Smoke Advanced artists represent the best-of-the-best, and tools for real-time grading are a natural fit. I know a lot of Flame artists that already use color correction as part of their compositing process. Having the flame tools you already depend on and real-time color grading can give you total control over finishing.

For Smoke Advanced artists, we like to say that Flame Premium gives you the tools you’ve always wanted in the timeline you already know. This is because a lot of Smoke Advanced artists are surprised to learn that Flame Premium unlocks the full Flame Batch and Action creative toolset in the timeline workflow they are already using. For editors, moving to Flame Premium gives them more Flame tools and real-time color grading – all on the same system.

Bottom line: Flame Premium gives you more options and more creative choices when working on projects in session. You can use it to take on grading projects – or as part of the VFX and compositing you’re already doing. As you’ll see in the videos below, real-time grading can change the way you use color by eliminating the need to render every time you make a change to color.

So check out the videos below. Whether you’re a Flame, Smoke or Lustre artist today, you should find something that appeals to you and the way you work. For even more on Flame Premium, be sure to check out:


Have a great holiday season, and I’ll be back next year!


 * Videos look best if viewed in Fullscreen 720 or 1080 HD

First of four videos about Autodesk Flame Premium 2011. This video introduces Flame Premium and speaks directly to Autodesk Smoke Advanced and Flame artists about the benefits of the timeline workflow within Flame Premium.

This video focuses on visual effects workflow using the Flame creative tools within Flame Premium. Examples include timeline compositing and 3D visual effects integration with elements from Autodesk Maya.  

This video focuses on creative 3D finishing in Flame Premium and preparing VFX elements for use in color grading.  

This video focuses on the real-time color grading capabilities of Flame Premium and how Flame Premium gives artists total control of finishing in post. 


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| 9 years ago
Hi There, I need to know what is the Difference between Batch Tools in Flint 2011 and Batch FX in Smoke advanced 2011??? Both Systems installed on Linux. Thanks, Elie
| 9 years ago
Hello James, Thanks for checking out the videos and thanks for your question. The upgrade price does not include the 3 panels (aka the ACS panels or "Autodesk Control Surface"), but as you could see in the video I was able to use the traditional pen and tablet method. That said, there are a lot of advantages to using the ACS panels like cross-processing and better/ faster navigation. Colorists are wizards with the panels! I forwarded your question to Mike Ogorek who is the Territory Manager for Los Angeles and he is in contact with Craig. I hope you are able to cross-grade to Flame Premium soon! All the best, Bill Ennis
| 9 years ago
Hey there. Inferno artist here in a studio with multiple Infernos, Flames, Smokes & Lustres with just one question. Am in the process of getting the powers that be to consider upgrading the software on my box to Premium, but no one seemed to know if once we go from Flame/Inferno to Premium whether that upgrade also includes the Lustre hardware (the color balls/control board). I know its more of a sales question than an artist/tech one but would love to know! Thanks much, James Holt CBSD
Edited by bH1YTTkc 9 years ago
| 9 years ago
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