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Bill, Thank you so much for the introduction.

As Bill mentioned, I'm kind of new to Autodesk, but not new to the system. I've been running Smoke/Flame and now Flame Premium for 15+yrs. I've had the great opportunity to meet a number of awesome people through the Flame community and I really look forward to meeting many more. 

One of my favorite things is turning people on to the little tricks and tips that make their day easier. A few shortcuts here and a different way of looking at a problem there, the next thing you know, you're getting more done in less time - You're happier. If you're happier, then I'm happier.

I'm going to start off with a little interop tip. Just moving a sequence from your timeline in Flame Premium to the grading environment is fairly simple. However, making use of various mattes and keys that you may have generated while you were building a composite, can be used to great effect in Grading. That is where I would like to take you in this post.

So- with the changes in interface and the changes in names and places of things, at first I was lost trying to get a lot of hard work out of Flame Premium and into Grading.
We will take the example of a shot from a car commercial. There is so much you can do to manicure this spot. You've either keyed or roto'd out a bunch of different elements that you would love to have control over when you go to grade. In fact a car commercial is a perfect example. In the movie I have created, we isolate some general elements. However, I could imagine that you could, and would, go into much greater detail with just the car.

Check out the movie clip to see how to get all of those mattes and keys into Grading.


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| 5 years ago
Hi I wonder is there anything tutorial about Vanishing point with green screen to have right protective view on background with foreground of the main person without moving camera for as 3d camera tracking. Because it fix camera no movement. How to make it look more realistic look from the background with right match foreground. I really need help any tips and trick or event just like Alice wonderland movies all green screen with perfect perspective look. Any help will be wonderful Jamil
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