"Why is there a Camera node in the GMask Schematic View?"

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Hello Flame World!

Thanks so much for the great feedback to the first blog entry!  A big shout out to Detroit, LA, and of course The Lower Eastside!  Wassup Psyop!  With that, here is the introduction to the next video:

Flame has the most extensive set of both creative and technical tools, but what amazes me is not just the individual tools in Flame but the techniques that Flame Artists invent to solve complex compositing challenges.  I learned this next technique from Paul Rosckes in Chicago when we were going over new features and he asked me a simple question, "Did you ever wonder why there is a Camera node in the GMask Schematic View?".  The answer to that question really made a big impression on me.  I hope you enjoy the video!


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| 9 years ago
Thank you Bill! Caye Madrid (Spain) cayefx@hotmail.com
| 10 years ago
Nice tip Bill! Probably saving hours of roto for someone right now. motts www.artjail.com
| 10 years ago
Thank you for the tutorial, really cleared up allot of 3d track questions, great job.
| 10 years ago
Great Job Bill! Keep Flame alive...
| 10 years ago
Bill, That was awesome. Never thought of that. Thanks, Nick Fast Cuts Dallas
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