Wrapping a Texture on an Image

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Hello Flame World! 

It's exciting to have this forum to share some of the cool techniques that I learn from visiting with talented Flame artists in my travels.  This first technique was actually a lot more difficult to setup before the redesign of the Action UI to accomodate for the 16x9 layout.  I really hope this video helps you open the door to the many possibilities in Flame!  I would also like to thank The Mill in LA for allowing us to use this footage.

As a 3D Compositor, Flame has hidden functionality that might not be obvious.  For Example, you might not have realized you could apply textures (reflections, wraps, etc.) to just about anything - including a flat image.  This video explains this powerful functionality within Flame's Action module.  (Note:  this technique will also work in Smoke, Flint and Inferno)


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| 10 years ago
Hello All, Sorry I was only able to record these first videos @ 15fps so they are a bit choppy. I will try to slow down my navigation and work on the framerate but I find if you let the video buffer and scrub through you can see it pretty well and get the concepts. Best, Bill
| 10 years ago
Good ... Nice..
| 10 years ago
Bill, great demo, looking forward to the next.
| 10 years ago
Yes, it can ! Can't wait for the next post...
| 10 years ago
Great demo, Bill! I agree with Alan's comment, though... The video's frame rate ought to be a lot higher - when you play back the clips, we only see a few of the frames - most of them are skipped. Rich
| 10 years ago
wrapping 1080p around objects is so hot with all the kinds right now... thanks bill!!!
| 10 years ago
You the man, East Villager!
| 10 years ago
Interesting, but the screen capture is really choppy.
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