New Developer Community for 3ds Max SDK and MAXScript Users

By Christopher Diggins - 16 May, 2011

We've recently started a pilot project to create an open-source developer community for 3ds Max SDK and MAXScript users at Google Project Hosting ( Ultimately our goal is to to jump-start a self-sustaining developer community, to help developers more quickly develop scripts and plug-ins, and to flatten the learning curve somewhat.

I've seeded the project with versions of the template plug-in projects that I posted on my blog a few months ago, but are now upgraded for 3ds Max 2012.

If you have any open-source scripts or plug-ins that you would be willing to share with others, please consider joining the community and adding your content. The success of this community is contingent on your participation! I look forward to seeing you there soon.


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Christopher Diggins | 6 years ago
Good news KiboOst, we worked out an arrangement with the developer, and the advoutline is now available commerically for 3ds Max 2012 on the author's web site see: . Sorry it isn't free thought. Hope this helps!
KiboOst | 6 years ago
Christopher, yes it is this one. I've contacted the developer and he said me autodesk have the source code now, so he won't release recompiled version. Please contact him ? Really annoying and actually prevent us to install max2012 due to scene compatibilities. Thanks.
Christopher Diggins | 6 years ago
Kiboost, are you referring to the plug-in at ( Wjy do you think we have the code? No one I talked here is aware of that. I have contacted the website owner to see if they are interested in open-sourcing their plug-ins.
Christopher Diggins | 6 years ago
Hi Kiboost, Right now (for legal reasons) we can't release old code on the Google code project. I'll ask around about getting the source made public via other methods.
jedie | 6 years ago
IMHO it's better to create the community on!
3D Druid | 6 years ago
Is the forum also designed for sharing of C# .Net projects using the 3ds Max SDK? I've looked at your forum tags and you have specified C and MaxScript.
KiboOst | 6 years ago
what advoutline plugin ? Seems autodesk now own the code, will you publish it for max2012 ? We use it for years and not having it for max2012 is blocking ...