Announcing Mudbox 2015

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Announcing Mudbox 2015

It is that time of year again!   Time to roll out the new features and benefits of our new releases.

This year the Mudbox 2015 release has focused extensively on Enhanced Workflows for: sculpting, painting, and production needs (morph targets/blend shapes for animation; camera matching for shot painting/sculpting; "live" paint updates with other packages and Mudbox)

New features include:

·         New symmetry options for retopology and for existing meshes - this includes preserving asymmetry while producing topologically symmetrical meshes!

·         Sculpt Layer and Paint Layer groups - organize your sculpt/paint layers and toggle layers without being dependent on subdivision level

·         Enhanced interoperability with Maya for Ptex and multi-tile textures - enabling artists to use a "live" updating workflow with Maya for ptex and unlimited UV tiles

·         Enhanced Maya image plane matching - many image plane parameters are retained to allow for an absolute lock for reference images for sculpting/painting or for a per-shot correction.

·         Enhanced Maya Blend Shape interoperability - a very smooth and effective way to create blend shapes.  The Sculpt Layer Group is respected as a Blend Shape node in Autodesk Maya!

·         Enhanced texture export and updating - manage your project by specifying specific production paths for individual channels or layers, regardless of shader-type from other applications

·         New Caliper tool - ensure proportions, measure distance between points and match scale to other objects

To find out more about the Mudbox 2015 release, please visit:


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| 2 years ago
Thank you for this futures Sculpt Layer and Paint Layer groups are a different part. But blog is so good support numbers
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