Autodesk Unfold Event and Mudbox 2014 Sneak Peek

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Last modification: 16 Sep, 2017

We’re rapidly coming up to our launch event for the 2014 releases!   Be sure to register online or even set a reminder to watch the event.   Click the banner to check for more info:

Unfold 2014

This is a live event in Montreal.  We will be unveiling our 2014 Product Releases as well as the new Autodesk brand.   That's right, a new look for everything!  If you can attend, be sure to say hello or, if you are across the globe, be sure to catch the live stream.   This event is a little different for us this year.   I’ll be taking part in an “Experts Challenge” where Andrew Camenisch and I will be answering your Mudbox questions with live demos (again from virtual or live attendees!).    I’ll also be part of the live Maya Expert’s Challenge as well, flanked by Daryl Obert and Duncan Brinsmead.   The bad news is that this event takes place the exact same time as GDC in San Francisco, so unfortunately I will not be there this year and I'll miss you GDC'ers!  However, the GOOD news is that this event will have delicious, cold, fresh and frothy, free beer.   All that talking and live demoing makes me thirsty, so don’t be afraid to bring me a beer when I’m up there. 

Speaking of our 2014 releases, check out some “sneak peeks” of all of the 2014 releases!

And now, here’s a Mudbox 2014 Sneak Peek!

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| 6 years ago
just phenomenal I was not expecting a huge ad-dons in mudbox regarding the re-topology.Simply in one-word JUST Awesome. Very well Criag and Andrew the updates are kick asssssss
Edited by 49awWJBx 6 years ago
| 6 years ago
What is that a retopology tools?.
Edited by huIc8AJF 6 years ago
| 6 years ago
How about a sneak peek from Duncan's presentation!
Edited by ZToWSSFr 6 years ago
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